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Meet PHXFW’s Established Designers – Saturday

For the final night at Talking Stick Resort, Phoenix Fashion Week is featuring evening-wear apparel on the runway, sure to be a crowd pleaser. The established designers shows will feature celebrity favorites Stop Staring! and Blaque Label, as well as Mariska  and many more!

Read on for an insider glimpse into these designers’ minds and what guests should expect to see during fashion week!

Stop Staring!

Designer: Alicia Estrada

Look of  Line:  “Stop Staring! is retro inspired dresses, inspired by the 1940s and 1950s film noir. Our dresses are timeless and classic, and can be worn from day to dinner.  Stop Staring! Is known for its amazing fit, and quality! Our dresses are available up to size 18, and they look great on all shapes and sizes! Plus our dresses are worn by so many celebrities, including Paris and Kim Kardashian! The dresses look classy and sexy on everyone!”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope the audience falls in love with Stop Staring! We are putting together an amazing runway show for Arizona!  We cant wait to show our latest collection!”


Brand Mission: “Early on the PRVCY brand was founded with a noble goal in mind: to create great casual couture apparel for women and men, share the profits with various breast cancer research foundations across the country and help in early detection and finding the cure. Today our company is carrying this legacy on. We are designing some of the best denim apparel on the planet, expanding into other deluxe casual clothing lines and will continue to support the breast cancer research as well as various other philanthropic causes. Just as the three threads of our trademark Lifeline design the mission of our company is based on: Faith, Hope, and Love.”

Joy Li

Designer: Joy Li

Look of Line: “Sophisticated Effortless Urban Lifestyle”
Desired Audience Response: “Feel they can wear as Lifestyle vs. Occasion… mix and match to create different looks that you can wear all the time. (ie: Elegant Slumming Jacket with jeans and boots)”


Designer: Maria Janossy
Look of Line: “The look of my line is wearable sexy / elegant / flowy / abundant / dramatic and cohesive in the sense that most pieces are interchangeable and can transition seamlessly from day to evening or weekend.”
Desired Audience Response: “With the fashion show I’d like to create a sense of wonderment in the audience and a sense of urgency like “I want that piece now!”
Michelle Jonas
Designer: Michelle Jonas
Look of Line: “Michelle Jonas Travelwear is designed to make every woman feel confident, sexy, feminine, and empowered. The collection is created for a woman who is active, cultured, successful, spirited, and low-maintenance. Versatility is key, with a perfect balance between sophisticated, polished pieces and quintessential California bohemian cool. From tie dye maxi dresses to chiffon oversized kaftans and glamorous cocktail dresses, the line makes use of lace, jersey, chiffon, gauze, and charmeuse for a flattering, feminine style.”

 Blaque Label

Designers: Vanessa Lee and the Blaque Label Team

Designer Beginnings: “We aren’t just designers. Blaque Label is a team headed by a creative director that pulls inspiration from all things evolutionary to life. A beautiful meal or a fierce shoe can inspire the look of any season.”

Why PHXFW?: “Blaque Label has been blessed with growth during a stale economy. We believe that PFW was there with us from the start so we wanted to support our supporters and create a sense of fashion unity.”

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

Meet PHXFW’s Established Designers – Friday

For the 2nd night at Talking Stick Resort, Phoenix Fashion Week is featuring trendy apparel on the runway, sure to be seen in the stores in the coming months. The established designers shows will feature Lady Gaga favorite Alana Hale, Black Russian Label, Blaque Market and many more!

Read on for an insider glimpse into these designers’ minds and what guests should expect to see during fashion week!

SJ Couture

Designer: Jeanne Hankerson

Look of your line: “Our line takes inspiration from many things – the lines and spirit of classic dance; the vintage silhouettes of the 20s, 50s and 60s- but with an edgy, contemporary twist; and the simplicity and of my own New England background and style. I’m a preppy at heart. But the most important look is how the bride shines in each gown. That’s my favorite look- when a woman puts on the gown and it just pops- that’s what it’s all about.”

Audience Response: “We’re hoping the audience can see the beauty of the designs and the way gorgeous fabric enhances that beauty. We hope everyone is touched with a sense of romance and understands how a wedding gown can just shine on a bride. When I see my gown on a woman, I’m just thrilled and I hope the audiences gets as excited as I do.”

The Carroll Shelby Modern Vintage by Wicked Quick

Designer: Tarran Pitschka

Look of Line:  “Modern Vintage. Our parent company is “Wicked Quick”, which is speed inspired. “Vintage Speed” is the sub-label for all of our vintage inspired looks. Carroll Shelby’s Cobra brand had the perfect history and imagery for us to tell an inspiring story. We stayed true to the dominant styles that the racing team wore then in the 60’s and reinterpreted them for today’s fit.”

Why PHXFW?: “We were introduced by Chris Detert from our PR Agency American Rebel. This event is ideal for brand exposure. We see it as a great opportunity to tell our story locally and nationally. The connections, meetings and images from this event will help us to further push our PR campaign.”

Evan Golf

Designer: Jeehee Han

Designer Beginnings: “I studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design, California. And I was amongst golfers who did not buy golf labels because they seemed disconnected from fashion and trend. Two years ago I was charged with a mission! A mission to bring fresh ideas to golf and make modern golf apparel that meet the expectation of younger generation of golfers, and to make that truly unique and exclusive, that only a small brand has a luxury to make. Having a background in graphic design is essential not only while designing clothes, but to build the brand as a whole, which needs cohesive design from clothes, websites, hangtags, catalogues, even to YouTube videos. All creative decisions I make comes from graphic design foundation.”

Why PHXFW?: “Of course it’s the enormous exposure. I love being talked about! Then it’s the fashion show. It’s a huge reward for me. Clothes are on the models, music’s blaring, cameras are flashing, people are watching. Just the way how clothes are meant to be presented! If that doesn’t give a designer some serious goose bumps, i don’t know what will!”

Blaque Market

Alana Hale

Designer: Alana Hale

Designer Beginnings: “I started sketching and planning my future as a designer from elementary school- yes, i’m serious. I’ve always had the ambition to create and attended FIDM in Los Angeles and Paris for schooling, interned and worked as an assistant designer for a few LA-based clothing lines for about a year gaining experience, then decided to branch out on my own. A bit over-ambitious as I jumped into the industry blindly, but it has been a great success thus-far and couldn’t imagine myself not doing this.”

Why PHXFW?: “I was lucky to meet Francis, the founder of Fashion Business Inc., as I was starting my company a few years ago. FBI is an organization that focuses on guiding, educating and mentoring fashion industry entrepreneurs. Throughout the past few years as a member of FBI, Francis has coached me and helped my vision become an operative reality. She offered for FBI to sponsor me in showing my Spring collection in Phoenix and I’m so grateful and excited to be a part of the Phoenix Fashion Week team.”

Black Russian Label

Designer: Joanna de’Shay

Look of Line: “Black Russian Label’s Collection three, is an artistic interpretation of “my” America from an immigrant, multi-cultural perspective.  The colors, textures and lines are all inspired by the Native American, African American, Asian American and Hispanic American cultures that all call the U.S. Home.  Beautiful tans reminiscent of basket weaves, rich lavenders pulled from the traditional Folkloric dancer’s costumes and intricate leather textured trim inspired by braided hairstyles all pay homage to their unique heritage.  Trekking Across the USA is a celebration of the significant role that they have each played in cultivating American History.”

Audience Response: “I am hoping that each audience member see’s their America represented and celebrated in this collection.  In addiiton, I hope they see the juxtaposition and interplay of soft and hard, light and weighthed and fun and fashion that I depict in Collection three.”

**Check back soon for another post about Saturday’s Established Designers!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

Meet PHXFW’s Established Designers – Thursday

To kick off their first night at Talking Stick Resort, Phoenix Fashion Week featured lifestyle apparel on the runway, perfect for the laid back style of the west coast. The established designers shows started off with two local boutiques representing the Retailer Show, followed by Bilby and Moss, The Original Retro Brand and many more!

Read on for an insider glimpse into these designers’ minds and what guests saw during fashion week!

Velvet Boutique

Owner: Maria Ward

Phoenix Fashion Week: “I feel very privileged..I support creativity and fashion and being able to make it into a business. I believe it what Brian has been talking about at PHXFW. I already carry emerging designers Blue Bird Denim and Diary of Joli. They are good quality and very sell-able. If they are doing well, I am doing well.”

On the Runway: “I am inspired by red. People tend to wear black, gray and brown during the winter time, but I like to add red early on…it lifts the spirits. Guests should also expect to see animal print. It makes me feel warm and fierce. It’s important to not only be bold, but classy at the same time.”

TE' Boutique Logo

Te’ Boutique

Look of Line: “At TE’ fashion is about having fun. It’s about knowing who you are and rediscovering it time and time again. Life moves through us and our style lives outside. We carry a dashing selection of men and women’s sportswear, business, and evening attire. We feature an exclusive collection of Hugo Boss Orange, Black and Selection, as well as Agave Denim.”

The Original Retro Brand

Designer: Marc Herman

Look of Line: “Iconic, retro looks combined with the softest, sexiest, best fitting premium tees in the world for men, women and youth.”

Designer Beginnings: “The CEO Marc Herman has been in the apparel industry for over 25 years, getting his start by developing and selling board shorts to sororities and fraternities while in college at the University of Arizona.”

Bilby and Moss

Runway Look: “The brand marks a distinct mode inspired by simplicity with a twist, catering to a chic yet affordable lifestyle. The result – a clothing line made of comfortable and light fabrics that transcend fashion. We are proud to use water based inks and biodegradable fabrics like micromodal.”

Why PHXFW?: “The partnership made sense for Bilby & Moss. To show our line and introduce the store in Phoenix Fashion Week this year. We are new to the market and this is a great launching spot to showcase our all american made line to
fashionistas in the valley. We’re very excited to be on board and looking forward to this week!”

Veronica Brett

Designer: Patricia Brett

Designer Beginnings: “My background is in architecture.  I have a BS in Architecture from Ohio State and a Master of Architecture from Yale University. My training as an architect has lent itself well to designing fashion.  I have a great eye for spotting trends while staying true to the sophisticated, classic look of my line.  I pay meticulous attention to the details of the garment construction while ensuring a cohesive look to the collection. When I couldn’t find great fitting swimwear after my mastectomy and reconstruction, I decided to create it.  Veronica Brett swimwear has taken off and is now being embraced by all women (breast surgery or not) for it’s beautiful styles and fantastic fit. “

Why PHXFW?:  “The response to the recent feature in October Harper’s BAZAAR has been phenomenal. Building on the success of the line in New York City I wanted to bring the Veronica Brett swimwear collection to the Southwest, where there are so many stylish women who swim year-round. I am thrilled to be here as part of Phoenix Fashion Week showing the Spring/Summer 2012 collection here.”

**Check back soon for another post about Friday’s Established Designers!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

Talking Stick Resort and Casino Welcomes Phoenix Fashion Week

Phoenix Fashion Week is expanding on an incredible level, with 130% attendance jump from 2009-2010 and over 6,000 attendees last year at the W Scottsdale. This year, Phoenix Fashion Week was looking to not only accommodate their growing fan base, but to chose a venue that enhanced the sophistication fashion week is known for.  It’s no surprise that Talking Stick Resort and Casino, off Indian Bend and 101 in Scottsdale, was the top pick for Phoenix Fashion Week 2011.

I caught up with Talking Stick Resort’s Public Relations Director Ramon Martinez, who discussed why they feel the resort is a great fit for fashion week, as well as future plans.

Q: Provide our readers a brief background about your beautiful resort and how it came about.
“We consider Talking Stick Resort to be more than a hotel; it is truly an entertainment destination. In addition to the 497 luxurious guest rooms, the property is home to such upscale amenities as five world-class restaurants, six lounges, two pools, a rejuvenating 14th floor spa and a 650-seat showroom featuring live performance by headline entertainers. And of course, we have the 240,000-square-foot casino floor with some of the best gaming action in the state!”
“Talking Stick Resort is a business enterprise of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The property was conceived many years ago as a long-term investment for the future of the Community. In fact, SRPMIC is proudly the sole owner and operator of Talking Stick Resort.”

Q: We are glad to host Phoenix Fashion Week with you this year! Why did this partnership make sense for your brand?

“Talking Stick Resort is the only place in Scottsdale where guests can eat, spa, play and stay in style. That being said, a partnership with Fashion Week is a natural fit. Beyond that, Phoenix Fashion Week is such a large, successful event that it gives us a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase our property to throngs of people who may never have visited before.”

Q: What are you most excited about for fashion week?

“Like most people who will be in attendance, we are excited to see first-hand the emerging local talent. Events like this help position Arizona as an industry leader. And demonstrating our state as a leader in any industry, be it fashion or any other industry is important. It can have positive impacts on not only job growth, but on our economy as a whole.”

Q: Any exciting new plans for your resort in the new year?
“Talking Stick Resort has had such great success since opening last year that our plan is to keep doing what we’re doing, only better. We will continue to host the best headline entertainment and top-notch stage shows. We will still be home to the Valley’s most exciting gaming action, a beautiful, luxurious spa with amazing specials and delicious food with the best views. Keep your eye on us because we always have something going on!”

Thanks Ramon!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

PHXFW Rewinds: Meet the Phoenix Fashion Week 2011 Emerging Designers

Fashion enthusiasts gathered at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) on Friday, June 17 for the revealing of the 10 emerging designers who will compete in Phoenix Fashion Week 2011. From June 18th through October 8, the designers will compete in a series of challenges for a prize package (of goods & services) valued at over $15,000 to help successfully launch their brand.

At Phoenix Fashion Week 2010, SJ Couture, a bridal line designed by Sim and Jeanne Hankerson, won a package including an editorial shoot with both Runway magazine and Eliza magazine, a revamped website from Imagine 8 Media and an article showcasing their line in Discover The Phoenix Region magazine. After winning the competition, SJ Couture had the opportunity to show their line at NY International Bridal Week. Sim and Jeanne plan to extend their line into evening wear in addition to bridal gowns when they debut their second collection.

“Phoenix Fashion Week helped SJ Couture with what was needed to grow a successful brand and SJ Couture is continuing to apply these lessons,” Jeanne said.

For the first time, Phoenix Fashion Week will feature emerging designers from inside and outside of Arizona. Also new this year, Phoenix Fashion Week will present the emerging designers with an “Emerging Designer Binder.” The booklet includes pages for writing notes and sketching design plans, a calendar of events  and challenges that designers must complete each week, as well as educational pages to aid the designers in creating a business plan for developing their brands.

Learn more about Phoenix Fashion Week 2011’s emerging designers:

Line and Location: Blue Bird Denim, St. Louis, Missouri

Designer: Anna Friss

Look of the Line: “Blue Bird Denim fuses street style with runway and a focus on body conscious youthful cuts.”

Designing Beginnings: “I was born into design, as my grandmother (on my father’s side) and her sister owned a dress shop in Israel. My mother is a fashion designer who has been making her wardrobe since she was very young. I have always loved fashion. When I was too young to sew I used to design outfits and my mother would make them. As I got older and learned to sew, I started making things myself. First thing I ever made was a simple one pocket backpack that I hand painted in 5th grade.”

Line and Location: Deeds of Love, Goodyear, Arizona

Designers: Monyca Cordova and Trenell Floyd

Look of the Line: “We are going for a timeless classic feel that transcends time.”-Cordova

“I feel our look is an all around look; we design our clothing for everyone. We want to make a shirt with meaning so it becomes your favorite shirt like a vintage Pink Floyd or Beatles t-shirt.”- Floyd

Help From Phoenix Fashion Week: “Phoenix Fashion Week has an amazing team! They have really taken the time to teach the business aspects of design. I could not ask for a more motivated team to work with!”- Cordova

“Phoenix Fashion Week has set a standard for me. Their professionalism and knowledge about the fashion world, branding and producing a brand has been priceless to me.”- Floyd

Line and Location: Dejamone, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Designer: Will Chandler

Look of the Line: “I consider my look to be a futuristic, non-traditional look, that some consider unusual coming from an urban perspective. Also, I incorporate principles of design both from graphic design, and fashion design, and lastly, I add that streetwear element in the final look. I use couture techniques when it comes to establishing that fitted look that is often seen in my sample prototypes. The bottom line is I look at my designs as works or wearable art, not just clothing.”

Help from Phoenix Fashion Week: “Phoenix Fashion Week is just what I needed before the launch of my line. I had plans of launching in the Spring of 2012 or maybe August, but with all of the publicity I have been receiving, and the path that Phoenix Fashion Week is taking us down, I will most likely launch this year. It’s a good feeling to be a part of this!”

Line and Location: Diary of Joli, Houston, Texas

Designer: Joli’ Richard

Look of the Line: “Avant garde with a ready to wear tone. Couture, yet edgy for the risk taker. Her unique fashion sense targets those who are independent and always on the move. It is geared toward the jet-setter and the socialite. Her unique fashion sense targets those who are independent, and makes it easy to transition your wardrobe from day to night.”

Help From Phoenix Fashion Week: “Phoenix Fashion Week has opened the doors to manufacturers and fabric distributors. When I mention that I’m a member of the Top 10 Emerging Designer Contest for Phoenix Fashion Week, all doors and assistance is immediately offered. #joliapproved.”

Line and Location: Jones Select, Columbus, Ohio

Designer: Gary Jones

Look of the Line: “Vibrant, contemporary, clean.”

Designing Beginnings: “Being in the custom clothing industry, people always ask for cutting edge or different things. It made me try different things with the items that we create for clients.”

Line and Location: HourGlass Apparel, Surprise, Arizona

Designer: Latonya Adkins

Look of the Line: “The look of my fashion line is very chic, sophisticated and sexy. My niche market is women apparel that focuses on offering garments that emphasize shape, with form-fitting dresses, coats, suits, jumpsuits and separates. My garments will enhance an existing silhouette or provide the illusion of the perfect figure and age appropriateness for any women.”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope consumers gain from my line a ‘look fabulous, feel fabulous’ attitude. My vision is to allow individuals to fashionably stand out in a crowd. My designs accentuate a woman’s silhouette without compromising her sophistication. My garment will show off the outer beauty while creating confidence that radiates on the inside. I hope consumers feel beautiful knowing that the garment they wear was specifically designed with their individual style in mind.”

Line and Location: INDI Apparel, Tucson, Arizona

Designer: Diana Lopez

Look of the Line: “My line is very feminine yet functional. I like my dresses short, but comfortable. The look is about being sexy but at the same time being very confident and ready for any situation- that’s why my mini skirts have pockets and the length of my dresses can be altered to fit the occasion.”

Designing Beginnings: “I always hated seeing everyone dressed the same way, so at a very young age I started playing around with my clothes, cutting and sewing them to create new designs. I wanted to be different, and the only way was to make my own clothes. Later on I studied fashion design in Buenos Aires and after that started selling my creations.”

Line and Location: Mabella Chic, Los Angeles, California

Designer: Mabel Cortez

Look of the Line: “Mabella Chic clothing line is inspired by the west coast’s city life and vogue trend.”

Designing Beginnings: “Fashion has been an interest of mine since a very young age; however having my own business has been a goal as well. I decided to mesh both interests together and attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), which took my strengths to a higher level.”

Line and Location: Sebastien Millon, Phoenix, Arizona

Designer: Sebastien Millon

Look of the Line: “The look is often times simple and clean. Usually there is some imagery accompanied by text, with the intent of being humorous.”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope [my line] can bring a smile both to their faces and to the people around them.”

Line and Location: Silvia Bours, Mexico

Designer: Silvia Bours

Look of the Line: “My line is ‘a unique piece of art.’ My dresses are theatrical and sweet but always feminine.”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope they see a unique piece that will make them feel and look like a princess.”

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Article by Erin Kennedy for Phoenix Fashion Week

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Street Style with Phoenix Fashion Week: RAW Fusion at Ghost Lounge 8/11

August’s Raw Fusion was a big hit at the Hotel San Carlos Ghost Lounge this past Thursday night. The lounge was filled with passionate, talented hand selected local artists showcasing their creativity through music, fashion, film, photograph and more.  Friend of Phoenix Fashion Week, artist Matt Crux was on display as well! The event showcases one fashion designer per event and this evening’s chosen designer was Looks Good Anya. To find out more about Looks Good Anya  visit
Check out who the Street Style team caught up with!
Vanessa Mendez, singer
Kenyata Christina outfit, Shiekh heels, vintage hat, Lia Sophia jewelry
Maya Pesevic, server
Fierce Boutique top, Forever 21 skirt, Steve Madden boots, Kenneth Cole jewelry
Vicki Dzura, model/personal trainer
Outfit by Looks Good Anya
Charlie Paige, yoga trainer
Outfit by Looks Good Anya
Erika Eve Gonzalez, Host/Founder/Publicist Eve Fashion PR
Forever 21 top, Macy’s pants, Behnaz Sarafpour blazer, Xi shoes
Rae Ramondo, artist
Head to toe vintage, Steve Madden shoes
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Article and pictures by Stella Crowl for Phoenix Fashion Week
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