Meet PHXFW’s Established Designers – Friday

For the 2nd night at Talking Stick Resort, Phoenix Fashion Week is featuring trendy apparel on the runway, sure to be seen in the stores in the coming months. The established designers shows will feature Lady Gaga favorite Alana Hale, Black Russian Label, Blaque Market and many more!

Read on for an insider glimpse into these designers’ minds and what guests should expect to see during fashion week!

SJ Couture

Designer: Jeanne Hankerson

Look of your line: “Our line takes inspiration from many things – the lines and spirit of classic dance; the vintage silhouettes of the 20s, 50s and 60s- but with an edgy, contemporary twist; and the simplicity and of my own New England background and style. I’m a preppy at heart. But the most important look is how the bride shines in each gown. That’s my favorite look- when a woman puts on the gown and it just pops- that’s what it’s all about.”

Audience Response: “We’re hoping the audience can see the beauty of the designs and the way gorgeous fabric enhances that beauty. We hope everyone is touched with a sense of romance and understands how a wedding gown can just shine on a bride. When I see my gown on a woman, I’m just thrilled and I hope the audiences gets as excited as I do.”

The Carroll Shelby Modern Vintage by Wicked Quick

Designer: Tarran Pitschka

Look of Line:  “Modern Vintage. Our parent company is “Wicked Quick”, which is speed inspired. “Vintage Speed” is the sub-label for all of our vintage inspired looks. Carroll Shelby’s Cobra brand had the perfect history and imagery for us to tell an inspiring story. We stayed true to the dominant styles that the racing team wore then in the 60’s and reinterpreted them for today’s fit.”

Why PHXFW?: “We were introduced by Chris Detert from our PR Agency American Rebel. This event is ideal for brand exposure. We see it as a great opportunity to tell our story locally and nationally. The connections, meetings and images from this event will help us to further push our PR campaign.”

Evan Golf

Designer: Jeehee Han

Designer Beginnings: “I studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design, California. And I was amongst golfers who did not buy golf labels because they seemed disconnected from fashion and trend. Two years ago I was charged with a mission! A mission to bring fresh ideas to golf and make modern golf apparel that meet the expectation of younger generation of golfers, and to make that truly unique and exclusive, that only a small brand has a luxury to make. Having a background in graphic design is essential not only while designing clothes, but to build the brand as a whole, which needs cohesive design from clothes, websites, hangtags, catalogues, even to YouTube videos. All creative decisions I make comes from graphic design foundation.”

Why PHXFW?: “Of course it’s the enormous exposure. I love being talked about! Then it’s the fashion show. It’s a huge reward for me. Clothes are on the models, music’s blaring, cameras are flashing, people are watching. Just the way how clothes are meant to be presented! If that doesn’t give a designer some serious goose bumps, i don’t know what will!”

Blaque Market

Alana Hale

Designer: Alana Hale

Designer Beginnings: “I started sketching and planning my future as a designer from elementary school- yes, i’m serious. I’ve always had the ambition to create and attended FIDM in Los Angeles and Paris for schooling, interned and worked as an assistant designer for a few LA-based clothing lines for about a year gaining experience, then decided to branch out on my own. A bit over-ambitious as I jumped into the industry blindly, but it has been a great success thus-far and couldn’t imagine myself not doing this.”

Why PHXFW?: “I was lucky to meet Francis, the founder of Fashion Business Inc., as I was starting my company a few years ago. FBI is an organization that focuses on guiding, educating and mentoring fashion industry entrepreneurs. Throughout the past few years as a member of FBI, Francis has coached me and helped my vision become an operative reality. She offered for FBI to sponsor me in showing my Spring collection in Phoenix and I’m so grateful and excited to be a part of the Phoenix Fashion Week team.”

Black Russian Label

Designer: Joanna de’Shay

Look of Line: “Black Russian Label’s Collection three, is an artistic interpretation of “my” America from an immigrant, multi-cultural perspective.  The colors, textures and lines are all inspired by the Native American, African American, Asian American and Hispanic American cultures that all call the U.S. Home.  Beautiful tans reminiscent of basket weaves, rich lavenders pulled from the traditional Folkloric dancer’s costumes and intricate leather textured trim inspired by braided hairstyles all pay homage to their unique heritage.  Trekking Across the USA is a celebration of the significant role that they have each played in cultivating American History.”

Audience Response: “I am hoping that each audience member see’s their America represented and celebrated in this collection.  In addiiton, I hope they see the juxtaposition and interplay of soft and hard, light and weighthed and fun and fashion that I depict in Collection three.”

**Check back soon for another post about Saturday’s Established Designers!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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