PHXFW Rewinds: Meet the Phoenix Fashion Week 2011 Emerging Designers

Fashion enthusiasts gathered at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) on Friday, June 17 for the revealing of the 10 emerging designers who will compete in Phoenix Fashion Week 2011. From June 18th through October 8, the designers will compete in a series of challenges for a prize package (of goods & services) valued at over $15,000 to help successfully launch their brand.

At Phoenix Fashion Week 2010, SJ Couture, a bridal line designed by Sim and Jeanne Hankerson, won a package including an editorial shoot with both Runway magazine and Eliza magazine, a revamped website from Imagine 8 Media and an article showcasing their line in Discover The Phoenix Region magazine. After winning the competition, SJ Couture had the opportunity to show their line at NY International Bridal Week. Sim and Jeanne plan to extend their line into evening wear in addition to bridal gowns when they debut their second collection.

“Phoenix Fashion Week helped SJ Couture with what was needed to grow a successful brand and SJ Couture is continuing to apply these lessons,” Jeanne said.

For the first time, Phoenix Fashion Week will feature emerging designers from inside and outside of Arizona. Also new this year, Phoenix Fashion Week will present the emerging designers with an “Emerging Designer Binder.” The booklet includes pages for writing notes and sketching design plans, a calendar of events  and challenges that designers must complete each week, as well as educational pages to aid the designers in creating a business plan for developing their brands.

Learn more about Phoenix Fashion Week 2011’s emerging designers:

Line and Location: Blue Bird Denim, St. Louis, Missouri

Designer: Anna Friss

Look of the Line: “Blue Bird Denim fuses street style with runway and a focus on body conscious youthful cuts.”

Designing Beginnings: “I was born into design, as my grandmother (on my father’s side) and her sister owned a dress shop in Israel. My mother is a fashion designer who has been making her wardrobe since she was very young. I have always loved fashion. When I was too young to sew I used to design outfits and my mother would make them. As I got older and learned to sew, I started making things myself. First thing I ever made was a simple one pocket backpack that I hand painted in 5th grade.”

Line and Location: Deeds of Love, Goodyear, Arizona

Designers: Monyca Cordova and Trenell Floyd

Look of the Line: “We are going for a timeless classic feel that transcends time.”-Cordova

“I feel our look is an all around look; we design our clothing for everyone. We want to make a shirt with meaning so it becomes your favorite shirt like a vintage Pink Floyd or Beatles t-shirt.”- Floyd

Help From Phoenix Fashion Week: “Phoenix Fashion Week has an amazing team! They have really taken the time to teach the business aspects of design. I could not ask for a more motivated team to work with!”- Cordova

“Phoenix Fashion Week has set a standard for me. Their professionalism and knowledge about the fashion world, branding and producing a brand has been priceless to me.”- Floyd

Line and Location: Dejamone, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Designer: Will Chandler

Look of the Line: “I consider my look to be a futuristic, non-traditional look, that some consider unusual coming from an urban perspective. Also, I incorporate principles of design both from graphic design, and fashion design, and lastly, I add that streetwear element in the final look. I use couture techniques when it comes to establishing that fitted look that is often seen in my sample prototypes. The bottom line is I look at my designs as works or wearable art, not just clothing.”

Help from Phoenix Fashion Week: “Phoenix Fashion Week is just what I needed before the launch of my line. I had plans of launching in the Spring of 2012 or maybe August, but with all of the publicity I have been receiving, and the path that Phoenix Fashion Week is taking us down, I will most likely launch this year. It’s a good feeling to be a part of this!”

Line and Location: Diary of Joli, Houston, Texas

Designer: Joli’ Richard

Look of the Line: “Avant garde with a ready to wear tone. Couture, yet edgy for the risk taker. Her unique fashion sense targets those who are independent and always on the move. It is geared toward the jet-setter and the socialite. Her unique fashion sense targets those who are independent, and makes it easy to transition your wardrobe from day to night.”

Help From Phoenix Fashion Week: “Phoenix Fashion Week has opened the doors to manufacturers and fabric distributors. When I mention that I’m a member of the Top 10 Emerging Designer Contest for Phoenix Fashion Week, all doors and assistance is immediately offered. #joliapproved.”

Line and Location: Jones Select, Columbus, Ohio

Designer: Gary Jones

Look of the Line: “Vibrant, contemporary, clean.”

Designing Beginnings: “Being in the custom clothing industry, people always ask for cutting edge or different things. It made me try different things with the items that we create for clients.”

Line and Location: HourGlass Apparel, Surprise, Arizona

Designer: Latonya Adkins

Look of the Line: “The look of my fashion line is very chic, sophisticated and sexy. My niche market is women apparel that focuses on offering garments that emphasize shape, with form-fitting dresses, coats, suits, jumpsuits and separates. My garments will enhance an existing silhouette or provide the illusion of the perfect figure and age appropriateness for any women.”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope consumers gain from my line a ‘look fabulous, feel fabulous’ attitude. My vision is to allow individuals to fashionably stand out in a crowd. My designs accentuate a woman’s silhouette without compromising her sophistication. My garment will show off the outer beauty while creating confidence that radiates on the inside. I hope consumers feel beautiful knowing that the garment they wear was specifically designed with their individual style in mind.”

Line and Location: INDI Apparel, Tucson, Arizona

Designer: Diana Lopez

Look of the Line: “My line is very feminine yet functional. I like my dresses short, but comfortable. The look is about being sexy but at the same time being very confident and ready for any situation- that’s why my mini skirts have pockets and the length of my dresses can be altered to fit the occasion.”

Designing Beginnings: “I always hated seeing everyone dressed the same way, so at a very young age I started playing around with my clothes, cutting and sewing them to create new designs. I wanted to be different, and the only way was to make my own clothes. Later on I studied fashion design in Buenos Aires and after that started selling my creations.”

Line and Location: Mabella Chic, Los Angeles, California

Designer: Mabel Cortez

Look of the Line: “Mabella Chic clothing line is inspired by the west coast’s city life and vogue trend.”

Designing Beginnings: “Fashion has been an interest of mine since a very young age; however having my own business has been a goal as well. I decided to mesh both interests together and attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), which took my strengths to a higher level.”

Line and Location: Sebastien Millon, Phoenix, Arizona

Designer: Sebastien Millon

Look of the Line: “The look is often times simple and clean. Usually there is some imagery accompanied by text, with the intent of being humorous.”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope [my line] can bring a smile both to their faces and to the people around them.”

Line and Location: Silvia Bours, Mexico

Designer: Silvia Bours

Look of the Line: “My line is ‘a unique piece of art.’ My dresses are theatrical and sweet but always feminine.”

Desired Audience Response: “I hope they see a unique piece that will make them feel and look like a princess.”

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Article by Erin Kennedy for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource for All Things Fashionable”

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