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The Crop Top: Friend or a Foe?

Summer… one of the most beloved seasons. A time to go on vacation, visit a beach, eat watermelon and bare as much skin as possible. Right? Well, sort of. Summer time is actually code for “time to shrink some clothing.” Don’t believe me? Just look at one of this summer’s must haves, the crop top. It is literally half of a top, ideal for Arizona weather but unless you have a bangin’ body, this trend can be a little unforgiving. But don’t fret, thanks to the people from Yahoo Shine, here are some ideas that will help you stay fashionable this summer without having to show too much skin. Let’s show these crop tops who the real boss is.

Try wearing a crop top under something sheer like this look from We all have something sheer that requires a slip, an undershirt or something long. For a new look, pair it with a crop top, this will not only maintain the sexy and coy look, but you also don’t have to bare as much in the process.

You might also like layering a crop top with something long underneath like this look from Fashion, Less Than Three. With this look you could wear a fitted tank or even a loose tank. Sometimes you could even get away with pairing it with a flowy tunic underneath.

Another fabulous idea is to wear a half top over a dress like this look from Macy’s. According to Shine, any dress goes! You can opt for a long dress, a short dress, fitted or loose, and can be strapless, a tank or even with sleeves.  Remember how you wear a cardigan over things when the weather starts getting chilly? Well, the crop tops is this same idea but for the swelteringly hot months. It might seem like nothing, but this half top will actually add color, texture or maybe even a whole new feel to a dress that was previously just ‘simple.’  Adding to its list of positives, by switching out crop tops, you could easily wear the same dress more than once in a week because the look will be completely different!

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Article by Clarissa Tapia for Phoenix Fashion Week

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