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Evan Golf at PHXFW 2011

We’re so happy Evan Golf came back for 2011, we’re blogging about it.

Here’s a video from Cashak Style.

See some of our other October 7, 2011 designers on our Facebook.

Evening Wear by Coleccion

“Without fashion there is no vision,” Alma Salaz, creative fashion designer for Coleccion, said.

Salaz lives up to her word, embodying this fashion forward vision throughout her own life.

A Fashion Design graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, Salaz was destined to be in the industry.

“I always knew, since I was about five years old. I would ask for bridal gown magazines at the groceries when my mother and I would stand at the cashier line instead of asking for candy,” Salaz said.

Coleccion features classic columnar gowns and cocktail dresses styled with straight, narrow shapes and a high fashion vibe. Each piece is designed to have a classic feel, enabling the wearer to accessorize with her own personal accents in the effort to keep the design current, despite seasonal fashion changes.

Featuring a wide color palette of classic blacks and whites to colorful–esque ruffled prints, Salaz

Photo by Mikel Florman

is continually inspired by everything that is around her. Whether her inspiration juts from architecture, the color spectrum in the rays of a sunset, celebrity cult figures such as Marilyn Monroe or a simple doorknob, she finds the unique beauty elements in everything, melding them into a pastiche of wearable art.

You will be able to meet designer Alma Salaz and experience the Coleccion Evening Wear collection on the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week, October 7th – 9th, 2010.

Article by Christina Silvestri for Phoenix Fashion Week.