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Fascinating People…Meet Chante Trepte

I met Chante a couple of years ago when we’d both just moved to Phoenix and  we’d discovered Phoenix Fashion Week. We came from different areas of the industry, but both of us are crazy about fashion. At that first meeting, we chatted about what we’d been doing and where we thought we might be headed.  Since then Chante has established a production company called 3 Chicks Productions, which is the creator of FASHION CINEMA.

“Fashion is no longer confined to theatrical runway shows, picture windows, and glossy magazine spreads. Now, fashion has a story and it’s coming to a screen near you…..”  You’ll find these words on the 3 Chicks Production’s Fashion Cinema website.

I recently sat down with Chante to catch up. Here’s what we talked about.

Q. Based on your own vision, how do you describe Fashion Cinema?

A.“Fashion Cinema is a menage-a-trois, a love affair between fashion, beauty, and film all with the purpose of creating a new movement of style entertainment. Fashion Cinema is about real movies, with real stories, covering various film styles and genres. We call them “fashion film shorts” or “fashion movies”. The stars are the clothes themselves, the latest couture of today’s fashion elite.”

Q. What do you see as your mission?

A. “Our mission is to help build and expand the brands of designers everywhere, and to attract those creative professionals in fashion who usually take the back seat such as the make-up artists, to the center stage. But really, we just like watching pretty clothes!”

Q. How do you go about getting funding for a project?

A. Usually it’s the film maker who fronts the money for a small film. I paid for mine. Or, you can seek a group of investors who might be willing to take a chance, but if you do that it needs to be clear that you need to be in control of the project. Always get a document that clearly defines any contributor’s role.

Q. Your film Just Jane, has been shown and well received at the CMJ Music & Film Festival in New York, as well as Phoenix Fashion Week. What are you working on now?

A. Right now I’m working on pitching Fashion Cinema as a TV show on cable TV, using the Just Jane film as part of my “sizzle reel”.

Q. I recall you’re telling me that you had an interest in creating a fashion TV program. Where did this idea come from?

A. “I went to SF State and got a degree in Film. I also took Journalism and discovered my love of fashion while interviewing the editor of a local fashion magazine. It was really the fashion editorials….the story behind the pictures that pulled me into it. I realized that it would make a great movie. When I moved to Hawaii, I created and developed a fashion talk show called Fashion Café, which was aired on the local network.

What do you see as the future of the fashion industry here? Do you see it going in a particular direction?

A. I see it growing. There’s a lot of talent here and Phoenix Fashion Week, in particular, has really helped the fashion community grow and become more relevant by giving designers a legitimate forum and a means of exposure.

Thanks, Chante.

For more information, contact Chante Trepte at

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Article by Liz Riley, Editor

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Just Jane features Stop Staring! Fashions

Let’s take ourselves back to the 1940s in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona…

“Femme, fatale Jane” is a beautiful, sexy woman who uses her innocent persona to charm and manipulate men to do whatever she desires.

Her life takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious ex-lover wants to reunite and will not take no for an answer. A detective is hired to help Jane, but finds himself tangled in her complex love life. This goes to show—love is a dangerous thing.

Chante Trepte, producer of Fashion Cinema, always wanted to do a film noir. Film noir was one of her favorite genres to study at film school. Trepte then created the “stylized and slick” detective spoof, Just Jane.

To match the classic film noir style, she chose Alicia Estrada’s Stop Staring! dresses to cloth her alluring cast.

“I quickly realized that no other brand would do,” Trepte said. “Stop Staring! makes these beautiful, flirty, iconic styles that are straight out of the time period of a film noir, specifically the 40s and 50s.”

Trepte is excited to announce that Just Jane will be premiering during Stop Staring!’s fashion show at Phoenix Fashion Week October 7-9, 2010.

Buy your tickets at today!

“Come see it! The entire cast is magical, and we just had so much fun making this film,” Trepte said. “There is nothing like seeing ‘pretty clothes’ on a big screen!”

Article by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.

A Quick Decision Proves Strong for Cinematographer, Kevin Taylor

The Great Fashion Depression’s cinematographer, Kevin Taylor, initially didn’t plan to study film in college.

He planned to attend Collins College for game design. But the day before he signed his applications, he decided game design wasn’t right for him, making a quick decision to study film instead.

“I’ve always been creative and known that I wanted to make stuff,” stated Kevin.

Film seemed to be the perfect fit.

Kevin graduated last July with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Video Production at Collins College. He has kept busy ever since, creating music videos and participating in local film competitions.

Producer of 3 Chicks Production, Chante Trepte, sought out his videography ads and asked him to direct films with her for Fashion Cinema. Since last fall, he directed short films featuring local Arizona designers Briana Linea and Julliana Garten, and recently wrapped up filming The Great Fashion Depression.

He hopes to continue making music videos and fashion films with Trepte.

He aims to become a film director and create independent films.

You will be able to meet Kevin Taylor and see The Great Fashion Depression at Phoenix Fashion Week October 7th-9th, 2010.

A special private screening will be held in the end of August for selected guests. If you would like to be a part of this red carpet event, please contact Shakirah Karim at to get on the list.

Article written by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.

Fashion Cinema Merges Fashion, Film and TV

Producer of 3 Chicks Production, Chante Trepte, has been envisioning the concept of merging fashion, TV and film since she was in film school, but she didn’t know how to get started.

Just recently, Trepte created a strategy to make it all happen—Fashion Cinema.

Trepte had previous experiences producing a fashion talk show in Kauai, HI called Fashion Cafe and later producing short films featuring local Arizona designers. Though, however large her preceding accomplishments, she was frustrated with her progress and strived to produce something bigger.

She recently approached Phoenix Fashion Week director, Brian Hill, with a personal film idea to pitch to the networks. Trepte’s idea tells the story of The Great Fashion Depression. Hill instantly fell in love with the idea and jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with Trepte.

In April, Fashion Cinema officially began.

Chante’s film, “The Great Fashion Depression,” will be released during Phoenix Fashion Week at the W Scottsdale this year.

“This is the beginning of the beginning!” Trepte enthusiastically stated.

Fashion Cinema’s next project is a detective film featuring fashions from Stop Staring! and Just Jane boutique. Trepte eventually plans to pitch Fashion Cinema as a TV show to the networks.

“Fashion has been something that I wanted to do forever,” Trepte said. “I decided that this was unique and different enough, and the timing was right.”

Will Phoenix Fashion Week also be in her future plans?

“Even when I’m famous and living in LA and New York doing my own thing, I will always, always come back for Brian,” Trepte jokingly stated. “He’s such a visionary and is someone who has these big dreams and makes them happen. What Phoenix Fashion Week has done the last 6 years is incredible. So I would love to work with him again.”

You will be able to meet Chante Trepte and view The Great Fashion Depression during Phoenix Fashion Week October 7th-9th, 2010.

A special private screening of the movie will be held in the end of August for selected guests. Please contact Shakirah Karim at to get on the list to attend this red carpet event.

Article written by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.

“The Great Fashion Depression:” a Phoenix Fashion Week Movie

The recession of the economy has affected the best of people, except for us devoted fashionistas.

The Great Fashion Depression, produced by 3 Chicks Production, is a story based on the rising success of Phoenix Fashion Week despite the recession.

The film takes place in modern day Phoenix, but it is created and designed with elements from the 1920s.

The story goes a little like this:

People of the fashion industry are struggling to find jobs. Make up artists are working for the circus. Models are in the streets displaying, “will work for fashion” signs. Designers and boutiques are closing down as the sales of big chain markets are on the rise. Then, our very own PHXFW Director, Brian Hill, the “savior of fashion,” comes to the rescue.

Hill becomes the “ray of hope” for these fashionistas and produces a fashion show for them. Thanks to the show’s success, fashion and venue come back to life again.

The film also features PHXFW team members Celestial Williams, Jennifer O’Bannon and Herman Plank, as well as local Arizona models, designers and fashionistas.

The Great Fashion Depression will be released at this year’s Phoenix Fashion Week October 7th-9th at the W Scottsdale.

A special pre-screening party will be held in the end of August for selected guests. If you would like to be a part of this fabulous red carpet event, please contact Shakirah Karim at to get on the list.

If you can’t make it to the pre-screening, make sure to buy your PHXFW tickets now!

Article written by Chi-Lan Vuong for Phoenix Fashion Week.