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Evan Golf at PHXFW 2011

We’re so happy Evan Golf came back for 2011, we’re blogging about it.

Here’s a video from Cashak Style.

See some of our other October 7, 2011 designers on our Facebook.

Fashionably Pink Charity Runway Show PHXFW 2010

Fashionably Pink Charity Runway Show featuring fashionable celebs!!

Cashak Style: Your guide to the sexiest styles, the hottest trends and the most beautiful people on earth.

In the fashion world, the name “Cashak” rings a chorus of loving bells to our fabulously decorated ears.

Whether we’re thinking Cashak Style of 2010, Cashak TV of 2007 or, for those veterans among us, Cashak Magazine of 2005, Chris Cashak has successfully trumped fashion video online—and it’s impossible not to admire him for it.

Chris Cashak set himself up behind a camera in his elementary years and quickly became his school’s go-to guy for audio and visual filming. It’s no surprise Cashak was responsible for airing the principal during announcements and producing a weekly campus news program on the school’s TV system.

“I remember going to great lengths to convince the principal to let me use the ‘prettiest’ girls at the school as hosts and reporters,” Cashak said.

For a couple years, Cashak made use of his talents by photographing landscapes for magazines such as Arizona Highways. But for an outgoing, high-energy man like Cashak, still landscapes weren’t enough to keep him engaged.

“Photographing mountains and vistas were not enough for me, though,” Cashak said. Adding later, “For me the fashion industry, with its excitement, fame and fortune, was irresistible.”

In 2005, Cashak Magazine launched, focusing primarily on nightlife and fashion. When Cashak realized new Internet technology was successfully moving video to the web, he whipped out his broadcast skills and re-launched as Cashak TV in 2007. As Cashak TV’s audience grew, so did the program’s projects.

“People started to think Cashak TV was about all kinds of topics, including nightlife, modeling, et cetera,” Cashak said. “So I changed the name in 2010 to reflect its current pure fashion focus.”

Chris Cashak and Cashak Style are at the top of their market. Cashak Style is viewed around the world, and is supported by premium brands like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Michael Kors, Gucci and Burberry.

At PHXFW, Cashak Style is responsible for converting our designers, buyers, models and directors into hundreds of minutes of glamorous video studded on the web—dare I fail to mention that Cashak Style is also responsible for that eye sparkling, big-clown smile us fashionistas wear while we’re watching his footage!

Look for Chris Cashak and Cashak Style at Phoenix Fashion Week this October, he’ll be the one walking around with a trail of beautiful women at his feet.

Article written by Emily Timm for Phoenix Fashion Week.

Mary Jane Smokewear Hits First Runway with PHXFW

On Thursday, i CRAVE FASHION kicked off with a unique collection, Mary Jane Smokewear.

Mary Jane Smokewear became a collection when partners JP Avila and Zack Maita had some free time to mess around with designs that were creative and could appeal to those fond of the product Mary Jane.

JP Avila and Zack Maita

The line includes t-shirts for men and women sporting catchy slogans, like “got purple” and “I Amsterdam,” or booty shorts for women with the logo on the backside.

“It’s really something that everyone likes.” Avila said. “The reaction we get is old people, young people, and just about anyone. We’re trying to get Mary Jane culture into the mainstream.”

Mary Jane Smokewear started selling at First Fridays, in downtown Phoenix.

The heightened response from the art walk encouraged the designers to take it to the Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival. Mary Jane Smokewear blew out their sales, making over 100 sales in 2 days at the Festival.

“We felt like we had a good head steam and expanded our designs and decided to go for it by devoting more time to it,” Maita said.

Mary Jane Smokewear, founded in 2009, had their very first fashion show at the Crave Café and Lounge Thursday, April 15, and is planning on joining Phoenix Fashion Week at the end of September.

“We want exposure.” Maita said. “We want to sell stuff and make it big. There are some other marijuana lines that are worldwide. We want to compete with them.”

Article written by Jacqueline Valle for Phoenix Fashion Week.

Photos by Mikel Florman Photography.

Spring into Fashion with Phoenix Fashion Week at The W Scottsdale

Spring into Fashion with Phoenix Fashion Week at The W Scottsdale