HOW TO: Dress for Phoenix Fashion Week

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Fashion week is such an exciting time; mingling with bloggers and designers, seeing the latest trends, and the best excuse to debut your most fashion forward new clothes! Fashion shows are the perfect time to show the world your creative side, and to just have fun with the art of dressing up.

However, over dressing and under dressing are equally as bad. Stylist Candace Carter advises, “some people want to be extremely extravagant, but it is best to dress ‘in the middle.’” If you overdress, it might take away from the designer’s clothes and can be disrespectful.  If you under dress, you will give off the impression that you don’t care, also seeming rude.

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This is a time to wear something different from your everyday work and play clothes.  Wear that elegant dress you’ve been dying to show off. Keep it simple and then add a statement necklace or a flashy set of heels. Are you friends with a designer who is showing? Show your support and wear their brand! If you are coming to fashion week to network or represent your brand, dress a little more conservative and leave the sexy at home. If you are there to have fun and be with your friends, experiment and let your personality shine through the clothes.

Since Arizona is still rather warm this time of year, opt for weather appropriate, yet chic choices.  Open-heeled booties, silk button downs, and midi skirts are great choices.  A great way to ease into the fall season is to choose a warmer color palette when selecting outfits for the event.

Check out the pictures to help get your creative juices flowing. See you on the catwalk!

Article by Jennifer McCoy – Meshey for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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