Rolfs Salon Celebrates 25 Years with Redesign + Glam Reveal Party

298970_10151190662356711_1365578773_nInspired by the fashion capitals of Europe, Rolfs Salon at Gainey Village is setting a whole new standard of luxury. In honor of Rolfs’ 25th Anniversary, Arizona’s premier destination for beauty is celebrating with by revealing its brand new, multi-million dollar national flagship salon in Scottsdale with an evening of beauty and glamour on January 17th from 6-9 PM. See the revolutionary design, enjoy drinks and exotic hors d’oeuvres, giveaways, and one-of-a-kind VIP experience.  For 25 years Rolfs has been synonymous with beauty and luxury nationally and internationally. As a world-class beauty guru and entrepreneur, Rolf has transformed thousands of people around the globe to find their most beautiful self.  “The purpose of the design is to bring a new global standard,” Rolf Lohse, founder of Rolfs Salon, said. “We focused on creating a design that was edgy, modern and delicately balanced comfort, warmth, freshness, and timeless elegance.” The salon is the epitome of European luxury. Rolf designed the salon to embrace global beauty and fashion. The new design influences the client’s imagination, strength, inner beauty and glamour. Rolf wanted everyone to feel comfortable in the design and selected colors, textures and features that would appeal to stylish and fashion-forward thinking men and women. Rolf featured specific pieces from around the world to reflect international beauty.“I wanted to redefine the client experience – beyond the haircut, beyond the hair color – I want to connect my clients to global fashion and style.” The redesign transports you to 2030.

It features many new amenities, including a Social Lounge and VIP/Bridal Suite, which is equipped with Skype and iPads and ready to cater to professional clients on the go. Rolfs’ new Social Lounge allows clients to instantly connect with friends and family in real time. Clients can showcase their new looks by taking professional photos, which are uploaded and shared via the Rolfs Salon Facebook page. Brides can celebrate their day in a very intimate, fun way with the people they love in their own private suite.

As a sponsor of Oscar Experience: Phoenix, benefiting the Arthritis Foundation, Rolfs will be holding a special raffle with extraordinary items and selling  tickets to the upcoming Oscar Experience: Phoenix event. To RSVP, email or call 480-607-1414. Follow them on Facebook @Rolfs Salon and Twitter @RolfsSalon.

*Article content and image courtesy of official event Press Release; Melissa Rein, The Brand Consortium PR *

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