Ofra Style Brings European Influences to Convertible Clothing

Ofra Style_web (2)

Ofra traveled throughout Europe and Latin America and her broad experiences are the culmination of what guests saw in her collection at Phoenix Fashion Week  on Thursday, October 4th 2012. OfraStyle’s latest Spring 2013 collection is convertible clothing for women, casual by day, contemporary by night. The collection includes pieces that can be worn 2-3 different ways. They are very versatile and with a few adjustments can be worn as poolside wear, comfortable casual wear, yoga pants, or elegant evening wear. These versatile garments are extremely soft, complimentary to the body and made from beautiful custom made fabrics with a contemporary style.

Since PHXFW, Ofra Style has continued to sell to more boutiques and resorts, as well as develop more ideas for their newest collection. “We want to make the convertible line in solid colors, and we are creating tops, skirts and pants for curvy girls that are complimentary to the body for all sizes in both solids and our custom tie dye fabric.” Along with this growth has come a re-evaluation of not only their goals, but strategies. “We had planned to do trade shows as a way to sell retail and realized it’s not the best way to go for us. It is more cost efficient to web optimize and sell retail online. We also realized that hotels, resorts and fitness centers are a perfect fit for our current line,” Ofra said. This better understanding of their target market and customer came through their experience as a finalist in the Emerging Designer Competition. “It was a positive experience all the way around. We really moved beyond our own limitations to do what it takes to be more successful than we would have on our own. We learned a lot about launching a brand that would have taken more time and money without the guidance of the people at PHXFW.”

Watch their amazing runway show from Phoenix Fashion Week below!

SPECIAL OFFER: As a fabulous discount for our ONUF readers and fans, OfraStyle is offering 20% off your next purchase on http://www.ofrastyle.com with code -PHXFW2012-

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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