Local Designer Living His Dreams in Style

Debuting for the first time ever on the Phoenix Fashion Week runway at Talking Stick Resort Thursday, October 4th 2012, Living Dreams‘ lifestyle streetwear clothing brand is “inspired by those who follow and live out their dreams”. Featuring bold colors on relaxing designs to t-shirts, tank tops, and other fine products for both men and women. Living Dreams believes we all have a dream inside ourselves and when that dream becomes a reality through passion, hard work, and belief in ourselves, that dream turns into a reality, hence the name Living Dreams!

While designer Michael Poulos most certainly holds the drive and determination to make his new brand succeed, he admits he may not have had such a successful fashion show or beneficial exposure opportunity without the help of the PHXFW Emerging Designer Contest! “The reception and feedback was amazing from the post-PHXFW time period. A lot of positive feedback from complete strangers, which is always good to gauge your popularity rate. When people take time out of their night to come and seek you out for a conversation to say you did a great job and will buy a product, that means the world to me,” Poulos said.

In fact, this experience was an eye-opener for the brand, making Michael truly realize it’s potential and holding it to a higher standard. With his goals including having Living Dreams carried in a major retailer such as Pac Sun or Tilly’s, we at Phoenix Fashion Week look forward to seeing this young brand grow even more! “No doubt I can see the vision of the brand being a mass carried product with its unique brand logo and positive message behind the brand.”

*SPECIAL OFFER*: As a thank you to all the ‘One Nation Under Fashion’ readers and fans, Living Dreams is offering an exclusive discount to take advantage of this holiday season: Use code -PHXFW12- for 20% off your next online purchase on their website! Happy shopping!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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