Phoenix Fashion Week to Judge Miss Utah USA Pageant

Miss Teen AZ USA 2012 Alexa Zellers in Silvia Bours

While fashion week may be over, Phoenix Fashion Week’s fashion calendar continues into the new year. After guest judging at the Miss AZ USA Pageant, we are thrilled to announce PHXFW’s own Executive Director, Brian Hill, was asked to return as a pageant judge, this time for the Miss Utah USA Pageant taking place October 25-27, 2012 in Ogden, Utah.

Phoenix Fashion Week and the Miss USA brand have created a partnership that has continued to support new talent and provide a springboard for pageant contestants, as well as emerging designers, to benefit from. Britt Boyse of Casting Crown Productions, is the Executive Producer of this year’s pageants, as well as the licensed agent for MISS USA® Pageant of NBC Universal and Donald Trump. Boyse and her team have been PHXFW supporters for years, and we cannot wait to see what new opportunities this next pageant holds. You can consistently spot Boyse and her pageant girls at many PHXFW events, especially Erika Frantzve, Miss AZ USA 2012 and Alexa Zellers, Miss AZ Teen USA, who were most recently seen walking the runway in their pink ensembles in support of our Fashionably Pink charity event. Perhaps the most recognizable pageant face is Miss AZ USA 2011 Brittany Brannon, who currently is the Fashion Host of PHXFW TV.

If you didn’t know, PHXFW 2011 Emerging Designer and one of this year’s Established Designers, Silvia Bours, provided the Official Dress for last year’s Miss AZ USA Pageants, dressing the winning contestants in her fun, feminine garments. “We now know this partnership is a great platform for our emerging designers to provide their designs for the pageant contestants. One of our emerging designers, Silvia Bours, was bought by global retail giant, and it just made sense to me that her style would work with pageant girls, thus opening up the opportunity up for Silvia to be the official dress of the pageant,” said PHXFW Executive Director Brian Hill.

PHXFW’s own Operations Director, Brenna Moses, also helped assist Bours in the implementation of her designs into the pageant. “It was a fantastic experience helping to design the dress Miss Teen AZ USA Alexa Zellers wore with Silvia and Britt Boyse. It was actually Alexa’s idea to go against the grain and go with a designer unknown in the pageant industry. This further solidified the role PHXFW and Silvia Bours have played in the Miss USA partnership.”

It’s no surprise with all the great buzz over her memorable PHXFW show just a few weeks ago that Silvia Bours will continue her role as the Official Dress in the next Miss AZ USA pageant, in which she will provide dresses to the winners once again.

Be sure to stay tuned for live updates and pictures from Brian during his time at the Miss Utah USA pageant by following PHXFW on Twitter and “liking” us on Facebook!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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