Phoenix Fashion Week’s Seminar Series 2012 Begins October 4th!

Phoenix Fashion Week will present The Business Of Fashion Seminar Series, to take place October 4th, 5th and 6th, at Collins College and The Talking Stick Resort.  Each seminar will be presented by industry professionals who have found success in their chosen area. You can learn tips of the trade in areas such as launching your business, retailing, marketing, financing, branding, merchandising, social media in fashion, styling, the effect of trends, and also get a chance to sit in and ask questions of fashion pros while they give you all kinds of insider info during their Fashion Roundtable.

Up until very recently it was pretty easy to get a job in retail. Many stores would hire you with no prior experience. A lot of us went to work as sales associates or in display, right out of high school. It was a low paying job, but a way to get into the industry without going to a secondary school.  We just did the tasks we were assigned , worked our way up, and for many of us in previous decades, it worked out well.  Some of us, who stayed with it, were able to work our way up to management positions. The downside, though, was that many of us in retail were viewed as uneducated, and as having taken a job in retail sales because we couldn’t get better jobs. A misconception, to be sure.

Well, fashionistas, it looks like those days are gone and that image is changing. Like so many other things in the fashion industry, retail is endeavoring to change that image.

Recently, Andrew Asch wrote an article for the California Apparel News, based on an interview with Jamie Novick, independent consultant for Rancho Santa Margarita, California based consulting firm, The Next Step Retail Solutions. “There’s been a shift in the quality of people”. Novick said. “There are fewer jobs. The expectations of the consumer are higher. They want someone that is trained”.

“For entry level positions,” said Novick, “specialty retailers often seek to hire someone working toward a degree, who is also planning a career in retail”.

We all know the industry is evolving. The way we shop is changing.  Stores are going out of business. Those remaining, and new stores as well, have elected to work with smaller numbers of staff members than they might have a couple of years ago. The same is true for designers and manufacturers. However, customer service, product knowledge, and an understanding of business, are becoming increasingly important in all areas.

Phoenix Fashion Week’s seminars are a great opportunity to gain insight.

Phoenix Fashion Week’s seminars are open to students, educators , and fashion focused individuals, as well as industry professionals.  For tickets, click on the link. Discounted tickets for seminars areavailable to students. For the discount code, or STUDENT IDS OR PROOF OF CURRENTSCHOOL ENROLLMENT MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE CHECK-IN DESK BY ANYONE USING A DISCOUNTED TICKET.

If you’re interested in a career in the fashion industry, are in a fashion program, or are already established, but looking to enhance your business acumen, join us. You’ll have a great time and gain some insights that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to get.

Article by Liz Riley for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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