Meet the Accessory Designers Behind PHXFW’s Runway Style

While throwing on a handful of accessories before running out the door makes them seem like an after-thought, accessories are undoubtedly a crucial piece in your wardrobe puzzle. Not only can they pump up a lackluster outfit, they keep fashion shows eye-catching and cohesive. When a runway show is styled correctly, accessories such as jewelry, handbags or a watch should compliment each outfit without competing for the spotlight.

Phoenix Fashion Week is excited for another great lineup of talented accessory designers this year from around the valley to not only style each runway show during fashion week, but available to purchase direct in the Style Villa Marketplace. Read below for info about each of these designers and comment below to let us know your favorites!

Bella Argentina: 

Given the name, it’s no surprise that this South American country’s people, culture and beauty were a major influence on the brand’s aesthetic. In fact, designer Courtney Williams’ vision for Bella Argentina began as a course project for school in Argentina and is growing into an international operation. “I am inspired by the drama of the Tango, which was born in Buenos Aires, the ‘Paris of South America.’  I design elegant, sensual pieces that seduce the senses with handmade sterling silver details and the finest natural gemstones.  The natural components and the timeless designs of Bella Argentina jewelry make every woman feel feminine and beautiful.”


There’s nothing better than fine Italian craftsmanship, especially when that involves luxe leather handbags. Giulia Castellini, an Italian accessory designer that moved to the United States just two years ago, blends classic Italian glamour with modern day practicality in order to design a line of handbags and clutches that are as fashionable as they are functional. “My love of fashion has antique roots, from being fostered by afternoons spent playing with buttons and pieces of cloth in my grandma’s tailor shop. She instilled in me a love for details and the importance of quality material. I studied Fashion Design in Milan and was hired by a high-end, Italian fashion company as an accessories designer. Those four years were an amazing experience and helped create my personal style.”

Melis Accessories: 

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Melis has been designing accessories mirroring her country roots and city flair for over 10 years. With her business beginning with hair accessories and quickly growing into many more ventures, including embellished shoes, crystallized jewelry and most recently, a leather cuff line called SKINS, she clearly has no where to go, but up! “I do not design with the trends and stay true to my brand without any outside influences. I also always stay progressing, adding new lines or expanding on my existing ones. My creative design aesthetic is strength in color and texture. My eyes fixate on color combinations and clean lines. I never question what comes into focus. I just create.”


Valerie Ostenak is an award-winning designer that wears many hats. She not only is a blacksmith and silversmith, but a true artist. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces and fine sculptural jewelry using the centuries-old techniques of forging and weaving. “At my core, I am drawn to graceful sensuous movement and flow—vines and tendrils curling around a trellis, tree roots weaving over and under each other as they reach out for life, the rhythmic ripples of water pouring over stones in a stream or at the ocean waves’ edge. Even the wind rustling the tops of tall grasses and moving the clouds. As those elements flow, they transform their surroundings, making them more beautiful.”

Remix Watches: 

Every frugalista strives to discover the best of convertible fashions and will be thrilled with how many looks a Remix Watch can create! Each silicone analog watches has a band and face interchangeable with many different colors, allowing hundreds of color combinations. All watches are water resistant and their LED illuminated faces are perfect for your night out on the town or even if you are a jogger. Owner Ryan Town says guests should expect to see this fun, affordable and fashion forward Remix Watches brand in full display at the Style Villa, as well as bringing the energy and excitement to the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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