PHXFW Welcomes Little Black Dress Wines as Official LBD Challenge Sponsor

Every fashionista has an item in their wardrobe that is a go-to garment for any place, any occasion. And for most, this is the little black dress. Originally iconicized by Coco Chanel in 1926 with her modest “Ford” dress and followed with such memorable LBD moments as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the LBD is perhaps one of the chicest and most wearable garments a woman can own. With that being said, Phoenix Fashion Week is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Little Black Dress Wines for our new (you guessed it!) Little Black Dress Challenge!

In this challenge, Phoenix Fashion Week has invited past emerging designers to submit their best original LBD sketches that speaks to them as a designer, as well as features a truly unique style. In the mean time, these emerging designers’ challenge journey begins September 6th at Fashion’s Night Out with Neiman Marcus, where Phoenix Fashion Week will officially be debuting the Little Black Dress Challenge to the public, with the help of Little Black Dress Wines. Attendees can visit the LBD Challenge booth, where they can view the top three sketches on iPads and vote on their favorite! The winning sketch will be produced and placed on-display in the Style Villa shopping area during fashion week in October!

I had the opportunity to catch up with Little Black Dress Wines’ VP of Marketing, Kari Sumney, and find out more about their fashionable brand and  it’s partnership with Phoenix Fashion Week this year!

Tell me more about your fashionably named brand! 

“Little Black Dress Wines are the Perfect Fit for Every Palate. Like their namesake, the iconic little black dress, Little Black Dress Wines are versatile, trustworthy, reliable and perfect for any occasion. Classic and timeless, these wines are designed in a fruit-forward style with the female palate in mind.”

How would you describe the fashionable customer of Little Black Dress Wines?
“Classic. Fashion trends come and go, but one item in women’s closets undeniably never goes out of style: the classic little black dress. Little black dresses can transcend day to evening with just the addition of simple accessories or bold accents. As the “Official Wine of Awards Season,” Little Black Dress Wines fit everyone’s style and are the perfect “accessory” for any occasion.”

Describe your involvement in our Little Black Dress Challenge and why Little Black Dress Wines wanted to support emerging designers.

“We created the Little Black Dress Challenge as a way to for Little Black Dress Wines to support local “emerging designers” in Phoenix and during Fashion Week. Emerging designers will apply to enter the LBD Challenge by submitting a sketch of their version of a Little Black Dress.  Three sketches will be selected and those designers will compete for the title of “Little Black Dress Design Winner”. The three designs will be featured in Phoenix Fashion Week’s social media and they will also be on display at the event.  Consumers will be able to vote for their favorite dress online as well as at the event at the LBD contest booth, which will be located in the Style Villa. The winner will be selected by both a panel of industry professionals and social media votes and awarded the title at the event on Saturday evening.”

Like Phoenix Fashion Week, your brand has also aligned yourself with charitable organizations, including Dress for Success and Clothes Off Our Back. Why do you feel this charitable aspect is so crucial to your brand?
“Little Black Dress Wines bring women together to celebrate occasions, events, friendships, fashion and what we have discovered is bringing women together to “give back”. The number of charitable organizations that Little Black Dress Wine has aligned with is growing rapidly every day. In October, for Breast Cancer awareness Month, the Little Black Dress Wines are a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation among numerous other charitable organizations.”

Tell us more about how you have partnered with a celebrity stylist and color specialists to feature style tips on your website.
“Joey Tierney is a great fit with Little Black Dress wines as she is known for bringing “Rocker chic- to the dinner party”. Like Little Black Dress Wines she is also American born. She launched her ready-to-wear collection in 2007 and also has dressed A-List Celebrities.
As Little Black Dress has a perfect wine varietal for every female personality, Three Custom Color Specialists create cosmetic shades that fit every woman’s type. Training Director, Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, Chad Hayduk has almost 20 years of retail experience in the cosmetics industry.”

What do you have coming up? 
“Little Black Dress will soon be refreshing our packaging with a fresh take a timeless style. Additionally, we have two new supercilious wines coming to market by the end of this year.”

Thanks so much Kari! We can’t wait to see Little Black Dress Wines debut at Fashion’s Night Out and during fashion week in October!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

  1. August 29th, 2013

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