Best Menswear Shop Spots in the Valley

Now-a-days, it’s more than just throwing on a suit and tie. It’s become a gathering for mixtures of bold textures, colors and styles combined that we now call men’s fashion.

Men’s fashion is progressing more than ever before, and we are here to help school everyone on some of the best places in the valley to shop for men. It’s become apparent that men are really starting to create stamps and fashion statements by trying new things and becoming more comfortable presenting bold fashion statements.

One of the biggest styles for men is denim. Denim everything. From pants, to shirts, to shoes, men are now able to rock all kinds of denim without any overload. Right now, a unique spot to check out for men’s denim is G-Star Raw in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Here, you’ll be able to find quality in the 3D denim with the tortured seams and articulated knees that you won’t be able to find in other jeans.

Not only do they have great jeans, but we also found some wonderful light-weight summertime shirts to complement a man’s look. G-Star has patterns and dynamic colors perfect for the summer, and men won’t feel like they’re trying to hard by wearing them.


Every part of a man’s outfit can be found in this store, and it’s an excellent mixture of casual and fancy. This shop is an absolute must-see for men and will help to encourage new ideas and trends.

Next stop, Bounty Hunter at Biltmore Fashion Park. Recently opening a Phoenix location last November, Bounty Hunter has created its stamp on men’s fashion here in the valley by providing custom Italian leathers and clothing. The fact that they have amazing night time looks that are still light-weight makes this store a perfect choice for men’s fashion in Phoenix. All of the shirts and jackets were light enough to wear in our Arizona heat, and men will definitely turn heads with this gear.


Bounty Hunter offers a variety of different pieces from alligator skins, to patterned shirts, to custom belts, making it another must-see spot for men. It’s a small shop that offers so many great pieces any man should be able to find something that fits his own style.


One thing that men cannot forget to do is accessorize, and what better way than to top the look off with a bow tie? Bow ties are back, more prominent in fashion than ever before. In the heart of Downtown Phoenix, you can find Dapper and Dash, a place that is ready to surprise you with its unique splashes of pattern placement through bow ties. All of the bow ties are handcrafted from vintage clothing and materials, and you won’t find a cooler accessory than these.

We aren’t talking about your traditional bow tie; we’re talking funky and loud. Right now, it’s the prime way for a man to set off his outfit. The finds in Dapper and Dash scream classy and modern all in one, by teaching men a way to look casual and elegant at the same time.

Just a few of the great places in the Valley to start men off with great looks and ideas. We’ll have our Phoenix men looking stunning with the clothes and accessories found in these stores!

*We love feedback! Post a comment below and let us know where you shop for the best menswear in the Valley!

Article by Tiffany Hopkins for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

  1. Love the featured shops but I see one missing from the list. Amir’s La Voûte in downtown is a MUST SHOP for any man who consider’s himself among the fashion elite!!!

    818 N Central Avenue
    Phoenix, Arizona 85004
    Phone (602) 707-6235

    At Amir’s La Voûte we specialize and carry fine men’s clothing from elegant vintage collection, men’s accessories, unusual collectibles, oddities, and all types of gifts for men!

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