Local Vintage Shop Featured in Lucky Magazine

What’s better than receiving the recognition you deserve? Vintage by Misty owner Misty Guerriero would say probably nothing, especially when that involves being recognized on one of the biggest online fashion sites in the world! Local Phoenix shop Vintage by Misty (Fashion Rocks MIM designer too!) was recently chosen as one of the best thrift stores in America by Lucky Magazine online!

Between Misty’s impeccable taste and the shops’ uniquely chic design, it’s no surprise her store was featured among only a select few around the country that “not only offer AMAZING prices, but also provide an equally inviting shopping environment.”

I had the great opportunity to catch up with Misty via email and learn how this amazing opportunity happened and what she has been up to!

Lucky Magazine picked your shop as one of the best vintage shops in America! How did this come about?

“Word of mouth, I have such range of clients from my college students to A-listers that Vintage by Misty made a lasting impression on that special someone.”

Was it a total shock?

“Shock? No, this is what I have been striving for since I opened in 2010.”

How did it feel to be chosen by a national fashion magazine as a top vintage destination from only a select few in the nation?

“Fantastic, it’s cool that Lucky loves my style and eye, enough to feature Vintage by Misty. I know so many fashionable men and women in Phoenix and its nice to have Lucky take notice!!! I’m sure they did their research before they decide to include Vintage by Misty, this definitely says something about my business and my style!”

Any other exciting updates you have in the works?

“I have a few things up my caftan!!! ;)”

Any plans to grow your business and open a second location?

“I’m always looking for the right opportunity! I feel right now that my Etsy Shop is my second location for now!”

What are your goals in 5 years?

“Who knows?  The sky is the limit!”

As an avid thrifter and vintage shopper, I cannot wait to see what Misty has up her caftan for the future!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”


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