Studio 3D: Built by Artists for Artists

Whether it be models, designers, photographers or stylists, Phoenix Fashion Week has continued to share our insight with local fashion industry professionals. We recently discovered an amazing local studio space in Phoenix, Studio 3D and had to share it with you! Started by the official Phoenix Suns photographer and former Suns star Boris Diaw, this studio offers a unique work space that truly brings out the creativity of any industry professional, along with featuring a stunning look and feel perfect for any party or event. In fact, Phoenix Fashion Week has partnered with Studio 3D for an exciting Industry Mixer event happening this Saturday, August 18th!

I had the amazing opportunity to catch up with Studio 3D’s own Studio Manager, Nate Gossage, via email to get an inside look into what  this amazing space has to offer, as well as what to expect at the Industry Mixer!

Q: Provide us a brief description/background of Studio 3D:
A: Studio 3D was a concept thought up by Suns Team Photographer, my father Barry Gossage and then Phoenix Suns, now San Antonio Spurs Player, Boris Diaw about three years ago. They both decided to partner up to create a studio that was unique in providing not just a work space for photographers and videographers, but a place that catered to everyone involved. Often times on set, there isn’t a lounge to entertain clients or a place for people to relax when off set, nor is there a work space for the production crew, or proper stations for hair and make up when working with models. So we took everything that was absent at other studios and not only make it available to our clients but made it the best of the best. Our end result turned out so well that our space went from being used only as a production studio to doubling as an amazing event venue, which we regularly use to host parties, charity events, press conferences, fashion shows and other creative concepts that have been brought to life here.

Q: Your studio has a very unique look…how would you describe it and what was your studio design inspired by?
A: I would have to describe our interior design as modern safari. One of Boris’ hobbies is to go on safari in Africa and take photographs of exotic wildlife. Being that we have both Barry and Boris’ works on display throughout the studio, we wanted a look that complimented Barry’s edgy modern photography with Boris’ wildlife shots. So overall, the studio has a modern look with a few tasteful animal print accents that ended up coming together very well. We wanted the space to have a very classy, high end feel, and I think we accomplished that.

Q: Why did PHXFW make such a great fit for your brand to sponsor this year?
A: PHXFW is perfect for us. Being that our business is largely photography and videography, a good portion of that is centered around fashion and modeling, it made obvious sense for us to get involved and be apart of PHXFW. We hope to have the opportunity to work with the designers, models, and sponsors of PHXFW in the near future and hopefully be a great benefit to the industry.

Q: How would local fashion industry professionals benefit from your studio?
A: From a photographers stand point, I haven’t met one who hasn’t loved working in the studio. As I said before, it was our goal to be able to cater to them in a way no one else has, and we have had nothing but positive feedback from our past clients. As far as the designers and models are concerned, Studio 3D is fortunate to have one of the best all around photographers, Barry Gossage, as our in-house photographer. He has been the team photographer for the Phoenix Suns for the past 16 years and has worked with many designers, major brands, and celebrities including BMW, Alice Cooper, Sportique Apparel, and more! Some of his work can be seen at Whether you a designer needing photos for an ad campaign or a model looking to put together an impressive diverse portfolio, Barry is exceptional in all aspects.

Q: Tell us about the Industry Mixer event you are hosting at your studio on August 18th!
A: Our Industry Mixer is something that we are very excited about. Being that we are new to PHXFW, we are excited about adding to our event roster and hosting an exclusive VIP event for those involved in PHXFW. We have a growing list of sponsors that we are fortunate to have benefiting the event, such as Heineken, Vitamin Water, Verve Energy Drink, Buddha Brothers Cigars, EtwoIII Entertainment, 944 magazine, and a few others. We will have a well known local DJ playing throughout the night, bartenders and cocktail waitresses serving drinks, and catered food. Overall, our goal is just to supply a good time for everyone invited and have a fun night.

Q: What can you offer to the local media/fashion community that makes you stand out in the crowd?
A: If it’s for a shoot or business related I think a clean, comfortable, professional work environment is what we provide. And if it’s for an event or fashion show, I think it would just be our space as a whole, being that it was built by artists for artists I don’t think there is any better place for designers, photographers, painters etc. to display their talent. . We also showcase local artists of all crafts on our Facebook page to help get their work seen by our fans and followers, which is another way we try and support local talent.

Q: Any other comments you want to share?
A: On behalf of everyone at Studio 3D thank you to all of you at PHXFW for getting us involved this year and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many years. If people want to check us out on the web or would like to inquire about booking the Studio, visit our website. You can also check us out and like us on Facebook, Thank you again!

Thanks Nate!

Don’t forget to join Studio 3D and Phoenix Fashion Week this Saturday for our Industry Mixer! To RSVP, email 

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

  1. What a cool space I can’t wait for Saturday’s mixer to check out this super chic space.

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