That Added Touch

In every city and every town, a girl knows where to go to find a plethora of fashion pieces, from clothing to accessories.

In Laredo, Texas, that place is a quaint boutique called That Added Touch. During the past few weeks I happened to have spend some time in Laredo and had the chance to chat with current owner, Sylvia Narvaez. When asked what makes her boutique so different from many others in Laredo she said, “everything we offer to the consumer here are designers not found in the major department stores…they are accessories that you don’t find anywhere else.” When you walk into this two-story boutique, the view is that of jewelry on one side, purses on the other, shoes in the back and clothing on the top floor. The décor and the organization of the many unique pieces will have you captured. Among the shop’s many fashionable items, it’s important to note that not many of them are duplicates, and that is because Narvaez avoids buying bulk quantities of anything they have in the boutique. This prevents many customers from having the same item, allowing each shopper to create their own individual look.

When asked what makes the store so successful, Narvaez answered that they greatly value customer service. When you come to this boutique, you will always receive great individual attention, so take advantage of the opportunity to check out this wonderful store located on Calle del Norte. Why not find That Added Touch?

Article by Cassie Castenada for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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