Brand Spotlight: E Club Clothing

In the years past, Arizona seemed to get lost in the limelight when it came to new art hitting the scene, but that is clearly coming to an end!

Arizona art and fashion are on the “come-up”, and nothing is slowing them down. Phoenix Fashion Week was fortunate enough to hear about the hype of the new local line E Club Clothing, and we were impressed by its charisma.

The “E” in E Club stands for eloquent, and it is the perfect word to describe this brand. E Club is dominating urban street wear in the Valley, and is expressing a different kind of fashion that many of us fashionistas haven’t been exposed to. That’s what makes this line exciting!

These clothes express an urban vibe, with loud designs and a hip hop feel. E Club showed us some great summer shirts and tanks for anyone who is ready to be noticed. E Club Vice President Dominique Pelkey, tells us, “We make clothing for loud people.”

“We’re about being expressive, and being diverse,” Pelkey added.

This brand is about more than just fabrics and clothes, it’s clear to see that E Club is more about culture, and it is alive. The looks incorporate styles inspired by things from music, to skateboards, to casual city lifestyle.

It all started in 2009, when college students Marques Wheaton and Dominique Pelkey, decided to make some cool T-shirt designs for fun, and realized that people were interested in what they had to offer. Soon, they decided to get serious and start their men’s line here in the Valley.

Wheaton comes up with the designs himself, and in February of 2011, E Club was in their first Scottsdale fashion show. Pelkey says that this is what really started to give them exposure.

E Club clothing started with a website, and now can be found in stores like New World Culture, Swagg Streetwear Boutique, and Culture Fresh. You can also catch them in the “Fashion 4 Cause” fashion show this August.

When talking about the origins of their designs, Pelkey says, “We like to create things that start a movement, and we want people to be proud of where they are from.”

E Club’s goal to help put Arizona art on the map, and they collaborate with boutiques and musicians to get help get noticed. So far, it’s been working out for them and they recently added accessories and women’s clothing to their brand.

E Club is on the move, and they have many big plans and projects coming up in the near future. They are something to keep a look out for! For more information about this brand, visit their website!

Article by Tiffany Hopkins for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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