Old is New at Meat Market Vintage

In the past, everyone has been so worried about what is new. Now-a-days, fashionistas are caring more about what is old.

By this we mean, vintage. Vintage is taking over right now, and it has become the perfect way to mix old styles with new ones to create a fabulous look. Downtown Tempe’s Mill Avenue District has recently become home to Meat Market Vintage, a new shop for great vintage clothing. This coffee shop, turned vintage shop is a pleasant place for new ideas.

The styles at Meat Market are inspired by west coast/Arizona style, and it’s the perfect place to buy clothes for this summer. Here, you’ll be able to find a number of different patterns and textures, from florals to corduroy and bold solids.

Owners Cory Martinez and Ben Funke have taken it upon themselves to choose light-weight summer clothing inspired by casual street styles.

“We’re geared toward a trend-chasing, youthful crowd,” Martinez says.

This makes it the perfect location, right across the street from the Tempe campus of Arizona State University. Students at ASU are Meat Market Vintage’s major clients, but this is a great spot for anyone to shop for vintage clothing.

The store is full of colors and beach styles, and we were able to find amazing shirts for men and women.

The varied selections in this shop make it easy to create your own groove of fashion, and anyone will be able to find something they love. It’s the perfect small shop that not many people yet know about.

Martinez got it right when saying, “To me, vintage emphasizes label-less clothes,” adding, “I take clothing for what it is, and I like the idea of not needing designer clothes.”

Meat Market Vintage clothing is currently being sold all over the world, with most  of their clients in Australia and New York. Martinez and Funke started the store six years ago by selling clothes on Ebay and after becoming well-established online, they felt it was the perfect time to open an actual brick and mortar shop in Tempe.

While the in-store clothes are more along the lines of wearable, everyday clothing, the online store represents a more classic, posh style.  In fact, Meat Market Vintage online is dedicated to women’s 50s cocktail dresses, great for a night out.

The owners are surprised by how accepting their neighboring stores have been and are excited about continuing to gain more recognition in the area. Check out Meat Market Vintage for yourself and let us know what you find!

*We love feedback! Post a comment about your favorite local vintage shop and you could win a PHXFW t-shirt!

Article by Tiffany Hopkins for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”


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