Fashion Secrets for 2013 Finally Unveiled

Blacks and greys are expected to dominate 2013’s spring/summer runways thanks to our dwindling economy right? Wrong! 2013 is going to be anything but dull according to fabric gurus who unveiled their top trends in Paris earlier this year.

“We don’t believe for a minute that fashion is going to turn all austere, that consumers are going to start dressing all in black,” said fashion director at textile fair organizer Premiere Vision, Pascaline Wilhelm according to Inquirer Lifestyle.

The colors expected to brighten up any sad day range from neon pink to deep ochre or metallic silver-blue. Also in the mix, many variations of synthetic green from traffic light green to pale mint or lime.

The fabrics for next year are either all about graceful fluidity or at a whole different extreme, thick fabric that feel almost crunchy to the touch.

The season will be “very colorful, serene, punchy without being aggressive,” Wilhelm forecasts.

About 15,000 samples are presented yearly at six different fairs organized by Wilhelm’s team to choose the final contenders in the battle towards fashion fame.

For the coming year also expect laser cuts and welded buttons to appear indicating a shift toward high-tech fabrics and finishings. The new trends result in facilitating cleaner technology efforts by using waterless dying and printing.

Imperfections are also going to be highlighted next year, based on the influence of nature and simplicity. The fabrics suggest tiny, subtle flaws either embroidered or printed.

Transparency will also be trending in 2013 with lots of gauze and layering. The appeal here will be more seductive and sexy than in the past according to Inquirer Lifestyle. It seems that laser cuts and chunky cut out lace are also making a comeback.

Wilhelm sees flowers and supernatural themes as the dominant patterns for next year, taking on a high-tech version of the living world like insects and leaf shapes.

There is no doubt 2013 will be full of excitement, and I for one cannot wait to see it come to life!

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Article by Clarissa Tapia for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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