Next Make Up Buy: Temporary Lip Tattoos

If you haven’t heard or seen the genius of temporary lip tattoos yet, prepare to be enthralled.

Violent Lips, a new company born to dominate, creates a series of lip tattoos made to seriously glam up your look for up to eight hours. What’s even cooler? They’re tested on supermodels, not animals, friends.

I tried a couple of them over the week of New Years Eve and Valentine’s and loved them!

Check out Kim Kardashian in these black and white checkered ones from her blog.

The designs are all over the board, from pink, cheetah print to fabulous glitterati (personal favorite). You can get them online with Violent Lips or at Sephora.

They’re relatively easy to apply, too. Especially since Violent Lips was smart enough to put a how-to video on their website:

From personal experience, here are some tips:

  1. After you peel off the paper and reveal your new lips, make sure the tattoos are completely dry before closing your mouth and/or rubbing them together otherwise they’ll stick together!
  2. When the tattoos are dry, follow it up with a clear lip-gloss to seal the look.
  3. Eating is not easy with these beauties. I’d suggest eating before hand or choosing clean food that requires a knife and fork.
  4. Drinking works, but straws are encouraged and will keep the tattoos on longer.
  5. Apply lip-gloss throughout the night to keep them fresh!

*We love feedback! Have you tried any lip tattoos yet? Comment below and tell us which ones you like best!

Article by Emily Timm for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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