Tumble into Fashion Online

Tumblr has done many great things for the world of bloggers. One thing they’ve done particularly well is fashion.

Like Pinterest but with more words, Tumblr is great for picking up ideas for personal wardrobe styling.

Another great addition to many fashion Tumblrs are motivating and encouraging quotes. I know that may be corny when you just want to drool over the gorgeous, blonde model wearing a spring white blazer, but it’s become a distraction I look forward to reading!

There are thousands of fashion Tumblrs, so I’d encourage you to search on your own; but here are my favorites:


meridien joins fashion with food, design, energizing quotes and great writing. She’s a blast of fresh air and has an eye for beautiful things.


allaboutfashion grabs glimpses of the most fashionable celebs and super models in a collage of encouraging quotes. This is the place for both clothes and accessories.


pinkroses13 highlights your every day fashions, especially those gathered around the hobo-sheik mindset, very New York City.


OHGOSH was the first fashion Tumblr I started following and remains my absolute favorite. Fashion is definitely evident in her posts, but the composition and quality of the photos are also taken into consideration. Her Tumblr is more like a collection of art inspired fashion photography than one promoting trends.


seensense is a serious fashion glance at runway and photoshoots of the most exquisite kind. If you’re looking for fashions that make your eyes wide and your pocketbook envious, this is your blog.


Pages and pages of simply Oscar de la Renta.

Men and Suits

And lastly, for our dedicated male readers (and come on, ladies too), here is my favorite male fashion blog. Sometimes they cop out and post photos of very attractive men in things other than suits, but mostly they have some great looks for men on this blog.

Fashiz -Mode Masculine

A Tumblr for men completely dedicated to fashion trends. You won’t see any of the lollygagging from other bloggers – this guy is serious. I’ve found some incredible looks by this guy already, and I just started following him. I’ll be using all his ideas for my brother’s birthday presents from here on out.

Are you on Tumblr or another blogging site following a fantastic fashion blogger? Link their blog in the comments below so we can all share! Better yet, share your Tumblr link below so we can start following you!

*We love feedback! Tell us about your experiences with some of these blogs and which ones you think we should start following too!

Article by Emily Timm for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”


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