The Best of 2012 Spring Hair Trends

The morning rush: brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, do makeup and last but not least, attack the hair. It seems that as the week goes by, the decision about what to do with our hair gets harder and harder. By the weekend, we are fresh out of ideas! Well, lucky for us, Harpers Bazaar has adopted a fresh take on styles for spring that we’d previously considered old and drab, like the ponytail. Yes the ponytail may be super old school, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Check out a few examples of the most exciting (and do-able) hairstyles to look forward to this Spring, along with chic ideas to cool down those morning hair blues!


As promised, the first featured hair style is the ponytail. I don’t think the ponytail ever really left, but its popularity might have dwindled over the years thanks in part to the idea that it belongs at the gym. This will never happen if designers like Donna Karan or Marc Jacobs have anything to say about it.

Glistening Hair

Another hair trend seen on virtually on every runway is glistening hair. If you love unfussy, zero time hairdos, then this look was made for you, and it looks fabulous every time. As Harper’s Bazaar notes, this wet, barely rung hair has a youthful innocence to it. Hairstylist Guido achieved this look by saturating strands with argan oil for a glossy finish all over or just at the roots.

Urban Wave

Continuing with the trend toward effortlessness comes the new and improved beach wave known as the urban wave. The urban wave is defined as a loose curve (think surfer girl) that’s effortlessly cool. How to get the look: a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron and finishing off with a rake through with your hands for the right amount of undone-ness.

Bigger Blowouts

Bigger blowouts are gaining popularity as well. Harper’s Bazaar said stylists describe the look as “light,” “gorgeous” and “rich.” This return to elegance achieved with a light bounce in the hair can be done by applying a generous amount of mouse, setting hair in pin curls, then release and tousle.

Embellished Updos

Updos are also getting a makeover this Spring with the emphasis not only on the updo itself but the embellishments. For example with Yves Saint Laurent, teased chignons were secured with cage barrettes, while as seen below, Chanel used mermaid pearl hairpins to adorn their models’ looks.

For more ideas, pictures and trends, visit In the meantime, I would recommend practicing these looks so you can be the center of attention at your next event. When they ask how you did, exaggerate and say it took hours; don’t worry, I’ll never tell!

Make sure to comment below and let us know which Spring hair trend you will be sporting!

Article by Clarissa Tapia for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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