VIDEO: Advanced Style

With vintage clothing all the rage in fashion, it’s no secret your mother and even your grandmother may very well have pieces still in their wardrobe that have come back in style (and let’s face it, you are hoping will be passed on), whether it’s a mink coat, pill box hat or vintage Oscar de la Renta gown. Most of the magazines and advertisements in fashion and beauty feature young, thin women as the “ideal.” However, a recent fashion documentary out this summer, “Advanced Style,” has challenged this and cleverly shows that women over 50 can still have fun with fashion and look fabulous doing it…”as we get older we get better!” Whether it’s style icon Iris Apfel (for more about her recent collaboration with MAC, visit here) with her statement eyewear or Zelda Kaplan in her bold African prints with a matching toque, it’s clear these inspiring women aren’t afraid to play with colors and wear something the average person on the street wouldn’t.

It looks like a fabulously good time, and I personally cannot wait to see these icons’ quirky style and fun loving personalities come to live on the streets of NYC!

For more information about the film, visit here.

Comment below or on our Facebook page and tell us about an older woman’s style in your life that inspires or influences you!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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