You Can Be the Next One SCOUTED

Have you ever wanted to be a model? Did you ever think that walking around in a parking lot or working at a fast food chain could help you get there? Well it can, with the help of a show called Scouted. E! News has added a show to their line up that will have every girl looking her best just in case a scout is nearby.  After catching an episode of Scouted, I found myself intrigued by the fact that everyday girls were turned into New York supermodels with the help of a talented group of people. These industry experts include Page Parkes, Erin Olson, Kristen Kotik, Stacie Vanchieri, Scott Lipps, Michael Flutie, Beri Smither, Julia Samersova and Dani Stahl. While their names may not ring a bell right away, their backgrounds range from former models to agency owners and casting directors. Their expertise has transformed many everyday individuals into top fashion models. The show previews two girls competing to become the one model chosen to represent the agency. Along the way, the girls talk to the team, have a photo shoot and then go into the offices to find out their fate: will they become the next big model or go back home? While this is just a show, and some critics might think that supermodels can’t come from being scouted, Scouted clearly shows otherwise. It can happen. In fact, some of the best top models have been scouted, including Selita Ebanks, Naomi Campbell, Marisa Miller, Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen just to name a few. You could be the next one to grace the cover of Vogue magazine and be telling your story to Scouted, so make sure to catch the next episode!

*Post a comment about what you think of this show and you win a PHXFW tshirt!

Article by Cassie Castaneda for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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