Get Your Glam Hands on Some of these Free Fashion Apps

When I walk out my front door, I always have two things in my hands: my phone and my keys. Sound familiar?

Recently I’ve been experimenting with (shocker!) fashion apps for trend ideas and for relaxing fun. Here are a few of my favorites…

Your personal style Apps:

“Style Tag”

This app is great for browsing. It’ll provide you with some great fashion ideas and make you drool all over your phone in the process. The only downside is that once you find a piece you want, the details (brand, price, etc.) are often unavailable. Upside: it’s social. You can follow people, create a profile and upload your own photos.


Don’t be dissuaded by the cheesy banners and buttons on this app! Lookz provides a ton of videos to get you looking gorgeous. From styling your eyebrows, to copying a celeb shadow look, to painting fun nails, this app has got a new idea for you to try this Friday night. All the how-to videos are good quality and include written instructions so it’s easy to stay involved. I also like that users can save videos to a “my favorites” tab.


FIDM’S app is packed full of info, especially for fashion and design students. I love their news blogs and their trends page. You can get style reports for men and women, and find monthly reviews on products like websites and magazines.


You’ve probably heard of this app before. Pose is a bit more personal and requires you to sign up, but once you’re in you get to follow others and post and et cetera. Initially, the point of the app was to allow users to try on clothes and send the picture out to friends and followers for feedback before buying or showing the outfit off to the public eye.

View fashion shows:

“Fashion Network”

Fashion Network is for the global fashionista. Its one page, one option (play) menu is easy to navigate. The app features great fashion shows from the hottest and most recent shows around the world. Top video right now is Alexis Mabille Man’s 2012 Fall/Winter collection at Park Avenue Fashion Week.

“” is like “Fashion Network” on steroids. Not only can you watch fashion shows, you can also hear feedback from attendees, see photos from the after parties and vote for your favorite fashion of the day.



Chicfeed has come very highly recommended by a few of my favorite fashion bloggers and media outlets, but it’s actually not my favorite. It has a lot of the same qualities as “Style Tag,” but all the feeds come from fashion blogs chosen by the producers so you can’t necessarily control them. If you want to seek out a piece of clothing, the app will kick you out and direct you to your web browser to learn more; but you’ll get the information about the styles!


Besides that I have a tendency to distrust any product starting with “i” unless it’s an Apple product, this app is totally legit. You can browse random shoes (my personal favorite) or shop by type and/or brand. When you find a shoe(s!) you like, you can add it to your “favorites” to view later, and view its pricing information. If you want to purchase, it’s easy to navigate to the brand’s “Add to Cart.”

Searching your favorite brand in the app store is also a great way to find useful apps. Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and The Gap – they all have a phone app. Good chance your favorite brand is in the process of making one if it doesn’t have one yet.

Being the tech-savvy fashionista I am, I am always searching for great apps. What kind of apps are you using to shop and keep up on fashion trends? Any suggestions?

*We love feedback! Tell us about your experiences with some of these apps and which ones you think we should try next!

Article by Emily Timm for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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