The Year of Revamping

Once January hit, people made all kinds of resolutions, from losing weight to eating healthier, we might say they are “revamping”. This resolution trend also seems to apply to a few fashion magazines as well. Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar are two of the magazines that this month, have decided to go with the trend of the New Year and “revamp”. The cover of Glamour has featured celebrities from Beyonce to Eva Longoria and many in between.  An insider explains that Glamour will be a “more trendy and pop-culture-driven magazine”. In this magazine, an reader could find news on a variety of subjects, from how to style ones hair to revealing interviews with the hottest celebrities. Who knows how this magazine will change, but it should be interesting to see how they become more “trendy” and infuse more “pop-culture-driven” content. Harper’s Bazaar is another popular magazine, with its fashion and

style, that has decided to change face completely. According to Yahoo, the magazine will be “unrecognizable from what it looks like today”. The Yahoo article also explains that in order to completely change the magazine, they will be teaming up with former British Vogue Creative Director, Robin Derrick. Harper’s Bazaar is also planning to increase in size.  While everyone is used to the look of the magazines now, the change will be sure to spice things up and have people looking forward to seeing exactly how they revamp themselves. Harper’s Bazaar’s new format is something to look forward to since they’ve teased us with the many details about it’s new look. Not only will this month bring new weather, it will bring New “REVAMPED” magazines.

The next time you grab a Harper’s Bazaar or Glamour, take notice of their new formats. Make sure to comment and let us know what you think of their makeovers!

Article by Cassie Castaneda for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”


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