Bounty Hunter To Represent USA Men’s at MIM Rocks Fashion

Started in Telluride, Colorado in 1991, Bounty Hunter has made a name for itself not only for defining fashion for their Telluride customers, but for offering edgy fashion trends for fashionistas to experiment with. Now with a boutique location at Biltmore Fashion Park, they are looking to make the same mark in Phoenix. This boutique provides custom Italian leathers, coats and clothing, fine belts and buckles, custom boots and hats. Along with carefully crafted clothing and accessories, they also offer unique jewelry and even paintings at their stores. Bounty Hunter will be showcasing their men’s collection at MIM Rocks Fashion, emphasizing a clear USA inspiration, with the assistance of local stylist Brian Swan.

Runway style inspired by Gosling's character

Brian, who has returned from last year’s Galina show success to style this men’s wear runway show, couldn’t be a better fit. As the President and Head Fashion Stylist for Right Hand Man Image Consulting, Brian has styled for over ten years, spanning many genres of fashion, including menswear. “I brought American culture into the show by looking at our history of fashion. I focused on the denim jackets, boots, leather jackets, sunglasses…I even researched ads by Ralph Lauren, ” Swan said. His runway inspirations also came from a recent American film,  and he will be channeling Ryan Gosling’s ruggedly dressed character from the movie “Drive” for many of the looks. Being a local stylist, Brian understands the necessity for support by the fashion community and feels this event will help bring awareness to those that may not have recognized otherwise. “I feel the MIM Rocks Fashion event is important to the local fashion community because it showcases the talented stylist that are at the state’s disposal. I truly feel like we are a best kept secret to people. I feel like if more people knew stylist’s were an option to help them with their fashion, they would give it a shot. It is also very important to the community because it brings fashion forward designs from all over the world, right here in Phoenix. Although we are the 5th largest city in country, we miss out on brands that really should be here. This event helps draw the attention to show the desire for more fashion is here.”

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Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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  1. Fantastic event, very well organized, we appreciate the opportunity to activate the Bounty Hunter brand in conjunction with PFW and look forward to the fall!

  1. August 25th, 2012

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