Valley Favorite Vintage by Misty to Represent USA in MIM Rocks Fashion

Whether it’s the feminine look of the 1950’s, bohemian flower child of the 70’s or rock n’ roll of the 80’s, nothing says American fashion more than vintage. So when Phoenix Fashion Week was looking for a brand to represent the USA, especially women’s style, for our MIM Rocks Fashion event, we could think of no one better than Vintage by Misty. This chic Downtown boutique, owned and operated by Misty Guerriero, features amazing American vintage fashions, along with some European finds as well. Misty also is a fashionista herself and travels all over the world for unique pieces to fill her shop. If you’ve only visited once, you may not recognize it the next time you return. She also has such endless creativity and inspirations; she must change the setup and styling of her store at least every few weeks. Luckily, she has amazing taste, so whether it’s impeccably dressed mannequins greeting you at the window or a dreamy bed piled with accessories, it’s bound to be the most photogenic place to shop in town. “I’m local, so I thought it would be very important for me to be involved in MIM Rocks Fashion and Phoenix Fashion Week,” Guerriero said. “There’s a lot of vintage out there, and I want to show I’m different.”

As you may know, one of the main focuses of MIM Rocks Fashion is to provide a platform for talented local stylists. We are excited to announce Ginger Murphy as the featured stylist collaborating with Vintage by Misty! Ginger, who previously worked as a fashion writer and stylist for The Arizona Republic’s YES department, couldn’t be more thrilled with PHXFW’s choice to pair her with Misty, as they have know each other for quite some time, having pulled from some of the same sources. She had assumed Vintage by Misty focused on mainly 70’s silhouettes, but realized the versatility of her boutique and that “she really has something for everybody.” With all the trends of USA, it may seem like a daunting task for a stylist to take on. However, it has proved to be a match made in vintage heaven for Ginger and Misty. “USA is so general and every generation has its own style, so the theme was hard. We decided to do four different chapters of American style and culture for our MIM fashion show. We focused first on the styles, but can’t wait for the runway music featuring The Rolling Stones,” Murphy said.”

This duo’s runway show is sure to be a jaw-dropper, so don’t miss out! If you are a vintage fiend, fashionista or supporter of local businesses, make sure to snag your tickets (and some for your friends too!) by visiting our Eventbrite page!

Find Vintage by Misty on Facebook and Twitter!

Find Ginger on her blog and Twitter!

*We love feedback! Post a comment about your favorite vintage looks and you could win a PHXFW tshirt!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week, Images by AZ Foothills and Lauren Pfingstag

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  1. Great article and we can’t wait to represent vintage and phoenix fashion this Thursday at MIM. Kisses Misty

    • Thanks so much Misty, can’t wait to see your show come to life this Thursday! 🙂 -Team PHXFW

  1. August 20th, 2012

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