Designer Flying in from France to Show Collection at MIM Rocks Fashion

Phoenix Fashion Week searched for talented designers that were outwardly inspired and influenced by their own culture to show at MIM Rocks Fashion again this year and are thrilled to announce designer Caroline Monick is journeying all the way from France to show her collection this Thursday! Phoenix Fashion Week first heard about Caroline’s amazing designs from local fashion blogger, Sarai Cervantes via Twitter (now that’s putting social media to good use!) and this introduction soon led to Caroline being chosen as one of the four talented global designers to show at MIM Rocks Fashion! Caroline created her brand only a year ago, but has been designing clothes since age 10. Whether it’s the elegance or beautiful color palettes, it’s clear Caroline’s collection was inspired by the French culture. What’s more, her designs were also, in part, were inspired by Picasso and Matisse! ” I’ve chosen to make my dresses and scarves of silk fabric because I love to offer my clients upscale, luxury, and quality garments. My current collection has 16 silk dresses and 3 scarves. I brought the elegance of my French culture into my designs. The silk fabric showcases a women’s body and you will see the quality and timeless collection. I also incorporated the feminism and fresh look of a women into my dresses,” Monick said.

Asking a locally based stylist to incorporate cultural influences into a brand across

Behind the scenes at Jill's video shoot

the world is no easy task. However, this feat proved simplistic for Jill Laine, who has returned to MIM Rocks Fashion after receiving rave reviews for her African/Russian styling in the Black Russian Label fashion show last year. Jill has been a stylist for nearly three years, with a background in interior design and fine art and couldn’t be more thrilled to be styling Caroline’s runway show.  “My inspirations run the gamut from the traditional, iconic French designers to cutting edge, modern street style. I did my best to channel what I think would look smashing going down a Parisian runway.” Having visited Caroline’s home country many times, it truly inspired Jill and have her the creative urge to make the beauty come to life on the runway. ” I’ve been to France several times and for me the experience was like art that comes to life. It’s the difference between looking at a painting and living in a painting. In styling the show, I want to create the same experience for the audience, one that is multi-sensory and multi-dimensional.”

Phoenix Fashion Week has always been supportive of our local fashion community, whether it’s emerging designers or stylists like Jill. “MIM Rocks Fashion is cutting edge concept for Phoenix, it brings such variety to our de rigeur, mainstream, fashion show offerings. It’s incredibly cool that designers from around the US, and world, like Caroline Monick, are excited to participate. As a stylist, I appreciate the opportunity to create the experience of the entire show, from hair to make up to music, and of course the looks!” Laine said.

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Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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