Cookie Lee Jewelry will Curb your Fashion Sweet Tooth

Phoenix Fashion Week is excited to welcome many repeat sponsors to our MIM Rocks Fashion event this Thursday, including Cookie Lee Jewelry. Started in 1992, this company began with just a shoe box and has grown to a successful organization, with independent consultants operating through the United States! One of these talented consultants is Phoenix based Dianna Kelly, who is looking forward to be involved in various parts of the event.

I had the chance to catch up with Dianna via email and learn more about her company and why PHXFW was such a great fit for the Cookie Lee brand.

Give our readers a brief background about your brand, Cookie Lee Jewelry.

“What we DO is sell jewelry, but what we ARE is a company about women and empowering them to reach for their dreams.” -COOKIE LEE, CHAIRWOMAN AND CHIEF DESIGNER

“This pretty much sums up Cookie Lee Jewelry. Cookie Lee was started in 1992 by Cookie herself! Her dream was to be able to stay at home with her children while at the same time, contribute to the household finances. She began selling her jewelry out of a shoebox! Today Cookie Lee jewelry is delivered directly to customers through shows, fundraisers and personal shopping. Our ever-growing base of independent Consultants operates throughout the United States.”

“Cookie Lee releases two catalogs per year providing a year full of jewelry! From updating your style to owning your own business, Cookie Lee really is about helping women fulfill their dreams!”

How has/will this experience and event benefit your brand?

“Cookie Lee Jewelry is a person-to-person business. It’s all about relationships! The MIM Rocks Fashion event will provide wide exposure for Cookie Lee jewelry in the Phoenix area, while still fostering individual relationships through personal contact. It is invaluable that we will have a personal presence at the event because it is through individual relationships that the vision of Cookie Lee Jewelry is spread.”

Your brand has been involved with previous PHXFW events as well…what makes PHXFW such a great fit for your brand?

“Fashion is a very individualized ‘art’. Phoenix Fashion Week brings together local fashion artists, stylists and fashion lovers of all kinds. It introduces new styles and brands and educates the local market in the ‘art’ of fashion”

“But fashion isn’t just for the red carpet…it’s for everyone! Cookie Lee Jewelry makes creating your own personal style, through jewelry, accessible and affordable for fashionistas from all walks of life! The Phoenix Fashion Week events are a great venue for us to communicate this message.”

How will your brand be involved in the event?

“Cookie Lee Jewelry will be participating in the MIM Rocks fashion event in several ways. Our jewelry line has been made available to the stylists for use during the fashion show, we will have a vendor table and we have also included one of our catalogs and a special discount for the first 100 guests, in the MIM Rocks Fashion Swag Bags.”

Why do you feel MIM Rocks Fashion is an important event for the local fashion community?

“The MIM Rocks Fashion event is an important one because it promotes local designers and stylists. The night will be one of celebration and education as Phoenix fashion takes the forefront.”

Any other comments you want to include that we haven’t already touched on?

“As an Independent Consultant with Cookie Lee Jewelry, it is my honor and pleasure to be involved with Phoenix Fashion Week and MIM Rocks Fashion!”

Thanks Dianna!

*We love feedback! Post a comment or question about this brand and you could win a PHXFW Tshirt!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

  1. Thanks Alana!

  2. The event was incredible! I am looking forward to a continuing relationship with Phoenix Fashion Week!

  3. Dianna… Amazing!!
    You ARE what Cookie Lee is ALL about! So excited for you! You should be so proud of yourself!!

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