Title Sponsor Returns from NYFW to Support MIM Rocks Fashion

With the great success of last year’s MIM Rocks Fashion event, Phoenix Fashion Week is excited to bring it back again this year. What’s more, we have partnered with some amazing brands to sponsor the event, specifically our MIM Rocks Fashion Title Sponsor, Tanya Marchiol of TEAM Investments. As founder and president of TEAM Investments, she has built an empire on coaching others on how to make money and prosper, through her extensive real estate and investment knowledge. “I look at real estate investments like stock brokers look at stocks, I research the markets, analyze trends, and find the best deals for my clients. I’m not just out promoting TEAM Investments, I’m pushing for the real estate industry in general. If I get people to understand that real estate is an amazing investment and can teach them to make money, then I’ve done what I need to do,” Marchiol said. You may recognize her from FOX Business News as the Real Estate Contributor, CNBC, or a recurring personality on HGTV

A sneak peak into Tanya's shoe closet

sporting a classy suit and fabulous high heels (she has over 300 pairs!). However, she also has been a consistent supporter of PHXFW and even hosted an after party at Degree 270 during last year’s PHXFW at Talking Stick Resort. “I’ve always supported Brian and his vision…PHXFW is a great thing for the city. They have brought back high end events to Phoenix, and I feel like no matter where I live, I will always return back to offer my support.”

With Marchiol working frequently in New York, she had the incredible opportunity to attend NYFW for the first time and had quite an eye-opening experience. “I was able to attend some presentations, along with smaller fashion shows, but going to a show in the NYFW tents was a totally different feel…it was just amazing and the crème de la crème for fashion shows.” Marchiol sat front row at many shows, including Sachin and Babi, and met numerous designers, who she mentioned were “just as cool as PHXFW designers and really wanted to know what attendees thought.”

Tanya with Odilon designer Stacey Clarke

With all the glitz and glam of the NYFW scene, Marchiol did notice some important differences. “I love to support breast cancer awareness, as it affects all of us and is so prevalent. This was actually what first drew me to PHXFW, and I love that Susan G. Komen is their charity of choice for their Fashionably Pink show. I didn’t see much of that in NY, and I truly commend PHXFW for making it not only about fashion, but charity as well.”  While it won’t be argued that the real estate and fashion industries are quite different, it’s also important to note the similar goals for both PHXFW and Marchiol. “We all start at the same place and PHXFW and TEAM Investments both do big things for our respective industries. It’s important as leaders to always support each other, and I feel we have done this and will continue to do so.”

Thanks to our MIM Rocks Fashion Title Sponsor, Tanya Marchiol of TEAM Investments!

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Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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