PHXFW Emerging Designer Silvia Bours Lands

Miss Teen Arizona USA- Alexa Zellars, wearing a Silvia Bours dress

In this technologically driven society, it’s no secret that print, especially in the fashion industry, has lost its popularity. Newspapers and magazines have been replaced with fashion blogs, online content and electronic magazines. Keeping with this trend, shoe and apparel e-commerce giant,, has recently launched their new monthly digital style magazine iPad app, named Zappos Now or ZN. Available now for free download on Itunes, this app not only provides the latest trends and products at your fingertips, but will also be a platform to feature emerging designers. Phoenix Fashion Week is thrilled to announce that one of our own emerging designers, Silvia Bours, will be the first designer featured in ZN! “The mission of Phoenix Fashion Week is to ‘Bridge Designers & Buyers’ and this opportunity for Silvia Bours, fully communicates that strategy.  We now get to show the world what our fashion week has to offer.  Now, other emerging designers from around the globe will look to launch their brand at Phoenix Fashion Week,” said PHXFW Executive Director Brian Hill. Bours was also recently featured as the official dress of the Miss Arizona USA/Miss Arizona Teen USA Pageants.  “I am so very excited to team up with Silvia Bours.  Her fresh designs and extraordinary attention to detail are just what I am looking for to help MISS ARIZONA USA and MISS ARIZONA TEEN USA stand out in a crowd of beautiful women.  This fashionable partnership will keep everyone looking!” said Britt Boyse, Executive Director of Miss Arizona USA/Miss Arizona Teen USA. This amazing feature on includes a background on her designer beginnings, as well as a place to purchase her one of a kind dresses and accessories seen on the runway during fashion week this year!

I had the amazing opportunity to catch up with both Silvia and Alison Callaway & Natasha Pace, who founded the Emerging Designers program at Zappos, to find out more about this partnership and how it came about!

Q: Congratulations on being selected as the featured designer on the new Zappos iPad app! How did you develop a relationship with the brand during fashion week and how did this opportunity come about? 

Bours: “I was connected with Zappos through Phoenix Fashion Week. One of the events that PFW organized for myself and the other emerging designers was a meeting, where I presented my designs to Zappos.
Through this meeting, Zappos selected one of the ten designers to be featured in their new iPad app, and I was very lucky to be selected from a group of such talented designers. I just want to thank PFW and Zappos for this opportunity!”

Q: Describe your experience during fashion week.

Bours: “It was great!  I learned a lot from everyone and the experience overall. I can say that Phoenix Fashion Week was organized by a great team that was very supportive of all the designers involved. Thanks to Executive Director Brian Hill!”

 Q: What has changed for you since being a finalist in the Emerging Designer competition during fashion week?

Bours: “I received more media exposure that I had before, and the experience helped me acquire more clients and new projects. Brian Hill is also helping me to achieve bigger plans, so stay tuned!”

Q: What are the goals for your brand/company? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bours: “I hope to be recognized throughout the United States, as well as showcase my designs in red carpet events. My big goal next year is to be an established designer at Phoenix Fashion Week!”

Q: You have some exciting plans to highlight our talented emerging designer winner, Siliva Bours, as she is featured in the new iPad application you are debuting! Tell us about the iPad application, and
what your plans are for it in the future. 

AC & NP “It is a magazine style format that will come out on a monthly basis.  We wanted to find a way to curate some of the hot trends and stylish products on our site and present them in a monthly editorial format that will help educate and engage our customers.”

Q: Clearly this application is meant more for education than sales. Why

is this such an important aspect of your brand?

AC & NP “The primary focus of is on customer service, through this app, we are hoping to give our customers additional information on current trends, top styles, tips on how to wear…how to accessorize…beauty tips…anything we can do to educate our customers and help them make the right buying decisions…”

Q: Why have you chosen to support emerging designers such as Silvia and provide them a platform?

AC & NP “Tony Hsieh, our CEO has always been focused on helping to develop and support up and coming businesses, which is how he came to work at Zappos.  In this spirit, we wanted to start a program that would reach out to young, emerging designers and give them a national platform for selling their product on our site.  The program is in its beginning stages, so be sure to check back with us to see the new designers as they come aboard!”

Q: Why has your brand decided to align itself with Phoenix Fashion Week/what makes it the perfect fit?  

AC & NP “Since our headquarters are located in Henderson, NV, we are close neighbors to Phoenix.  We thought that it was a great opportunity to reach out and look at talent from our region.  Phoenix Fashion Week has been growing over the years and we have watched it develop.  With the launch of our emerging designer program, we thought that it was a great opportunity to partner with them and select our very first emerging designer from their program. Silvia’s designs are breathtaking and unlike anything on the market today.  The details she puts into it are exquisite, and each piece is truly a unique piece of art.”

Thanks to Silvia and the Emerging Designers Team!

For more information or to download the Zappos ZN app, visit their website!

Silvia’s dresses are in limited supply online; make sure to snatch yours up before they are gone! Visit to shop her one of a kind garments!

*For the chance to win a one of a kind Silvia Bours dress, visit our Facebook event page

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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