PHXFW Catches Up With Shankopotamus Contest Winner

Phoenix Fashion Week prides itself in giving back to the community, as well as supporting local talent. Thus, two out of our three pillars consist of Education and Humanity. This year, PHXFW partnered with golf apparel company Shankopotamus, to organize the first ever student design contest. Winner Natasha Duran, a student at Collins College, not only received the opportunity to have her designs produced, but a $1000 scholarship as well. Duran walked the runway Thursday night of fashion week, with models sporting her winning designs, and since then, has been keeping quite busy.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Duran via phone and find out what she’s been up to since winning the contest during fashion week.

Q: You won the Shankopotamus polo shirt design contest this year during fashion week! What did it feel like to not only win, but to walk down the runway during fashion week and receive that kind of recognition?

A: “It was an amazing experience; never in my life did I think it would happen. It was fun to see that all the hard work I’ve done through school and time spent, actually can pay off. Everyone has doubts in themselves, and this definitely helped me believe in myself. It has very much inspired me, and I am excited to possibly submit designs for PHXFW next since doing mini collections in school.”

Q: How has winning this contest, along with receiving the $1000 scholarship, changed your life?

A: “It helped to transfer credits over to Collins College from ASU. It was a huge help, as now instead of paying $3000, its $2000. Now, I won’t have to put school on hold for a while; it has given me hope again to get back on track.”

Q: Update us…what have you been up to since fashion week?

A: “As I mentioned before, we are creating mini collections in school right now. We come up with general ideas for an inspiration board, take images and build a customer profile. Then we go to designing garments, learn about costs…this also leads up to one huge project. Mine is based on the theme of multiple personalties, and I will design 24 pieces, with 9 fabrics. I will be showing garments in January and February fashion shows at the school. I also am maintaining a position as a personal shopper assistant at Macy’s.”

Q: You are attending Collins College. What are your goals after you graduate?

A: “I hope to secure a job as a fashion designer or in merchandising. However, I would like to get a feel for what I’m really good at first. I went to architectural school and now I’m trying to take everything in and learn as much as possible. I have an interview with Macys to talk with the visual merchandising manager. There’s so many places in fashion to be in, so I’m taking advantage of any type of opportunity that comes my way before graduation in a year and a half.”

Q: Any additional comments? 

A: “I just want to thank everyone for the opportunity. It was great to have my family friends to come out and support me…thanks again to Phoenix Fashion Week and Shankopotamus.”

Thanks Natasha!

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Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

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