Splinter Creative Offers Unique Vision for Phoenix Fashion Week Branding

Advertising and branding is crucial to any industry to not only get their message across, but to draw in the targeted audience for upcoming events, exposure, etc. For the 2nd year, local creative agency, Splinter Creative, is on board with Phoenix Fashion Week to offer and implement creative campaigns leading up to the this year’s fashion week. Not only are they including goodies in our swag bags, but they also created an exclusive Digital Display that will for sure “turn heads”. Also, if you have checked out Phoenix Fashion Week’s new website, you will notice it’s completely redone look, from the colors and pictures, to content and layout. This is all thanks to Splinter Creative, who drew their inspiration from New York Fashion Week’s website and were looking to create a website unmatched from any other fashion week. I caught up with Brandon Cook of Splinter Creative via email and we talked their plans for fashion week and what to expect for the future partnership.

Q: Introduce our readers to your brand and provide them with a brief background/history.

“We’re a boutique creative agency providing brand strategy and design to passionate companies and organizations.  We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to methodology and execution.”

“While our primary focus 3-4 years ago was mainly on print, we’ve evolved and positioned ourselves to communicate our clients’ messages through both print and online media.  We understand the web has been around for quite some time, but the way people are using it is constantly changing.  When working on a project or campaign, we create with meaning, purpose and goals in mind.  We take into consideration how the end user or audience will interact with each element, and “create” accordingly.”

Q: You were an official sponsor of PHXFW last year. What made this partnership a great fit that brought you on board again this year?

“Last year was our first year on board, and we learned quite a bit about the fashion industry and the people involved with events throughout the year.  As our relationship grew with Brian, Brenna and Tanya over the course of several months, we saw the event gaining a full head of steam and wanted to help strengthen the online presence of PHXFW by developing a new website that could be easily managed and updated by members of the team.  After some initial questions and planning with Brian and Brenna in early 2011, we developed a content strategy for the website and created a new online experience that highlighted and showcased the information people were hungry for.  Several months later during the summer of 2011, we launched the new website, and have been very pleased with its feedback and overall performance (and so has the PHXFW team).”

Q: What should attendees expect to see at fashion week regarding your brand?

“We’ll have a couple items in the mix during PHXFW 2011.  First, attendees who receive swag bags will be some of the lucky few to receive our coveted Splinter Creative notepads.  It might seem like a simple element in a bag full of goodies, but think about it… Have you ever been in someone’s office that doesn’t have one if not several notepads on their desk?  We rest our case 😉  Additionally, we’ll be using a Digital Display provided by CCS Presentation Systems (www.ccsprojects.com) to communicate our message to attendees at PHXFW 2011.  The digital display will contain a few branded images for PHXFW, as well as imagery that illustrates what type of work we’re best suited to handle. All in all, it should turn some heads and add a fresh type of visual content to the scene.”

Q: With fashionable events all over town, what makes PHXFW stand out from the others?

“We think PHXFW stands out because of the awesome team and exciting on-going events during the year.  While most fashion events are strictly for charity or happen only once per year, the team at Phoenix Fashion Week is dedicated to education, humanity and helping brands grow on a consistent basis throughout the entire year.  We like to work with people who care, and to say the least, the team at PHXFW is one of the more driven and passionate groups of people we’ve encountered.  Props to them for all their hard work and efforts during the course of the past year to make this event bigger and better than ever!”

Q: Any additional comments?

“We’re launching a new website this fall that will define our position in the market and showcase the type of work we’re best geared to handle.  To receive an email notification when the site goes live, please visit:http://www.splintercreative.com/phxfw.”

Thanks Brandon!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”


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