Local Magazine Highlights PHXFW’s Teen Models

Competition is fierce for those lucky models battling it out for the title of  ‘Model of the Year‘ at Phoenix Fashion Week. However, don’t let their high fashion looks fool you; many of these talented top 40 models are teens themselves. Some were lucky enough to be featured in an upcoming article on azTeen Magazine‘s website, discussing their experiences as a teen model and allowing their readers to get to know them a bit better. Phoenix Fashion Week is excited to announce a partnership with azTeen Magazine for this year’s events, and we are looking forward to exposing their readers to THE fashion event of the year!

I had the pleasure to catch up with azTeen Editor in Chief, Michelle Burgess via email about their involvement this year and exciting additions to the magazine. Enjoy!

Q: Please give our readers a brief background about your magazine. How did it get started and why?

“Publisher Deb Rochford founded the magazine in 2006 as a vehicle for teens who wanted to get published or be involved in something that would help them as they got into college. In addition, because the Valley is so spread out, she thought it would be a neat idea to give teenagers a way to connect so that, say, Queen Creek didn’t seem quite so far from Peoria. She had been a successful businesswoman but had no journalism background and so was committed to surrounding herself with people who were particularly good in their particular areas. As a team, we are constantly adapting and evolving the product and our approach to accommodate what our readers, partner schools and advertisers/business partners want and need. We now have 36,000 readers and are distributed in 165 schools and 400 teen-friendly drop sites. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary and are amazed and humbled by how far we’ve come. We’re especially proud of all the high school students who have come through our doors over the years, both out staffers and volunteers as well as our models and the kids we’ve profiled.”

Q: You will be featuring our teen models in an article on your website. Why was this an important story to tell to your readers?

“Our readers are interested in so many things, from sports and college to hot trends and new products. The fashion aspect of azTeen has always been hugely important to our readers and, therefore, to us. The same is true for modeling. Just as we give teen writers, street team members and photographers a chance to explore their interests, we see ourselves as a place to promote fledgling models as well. It’s an honor to partner with Phoenix Fashion Week because of its huge presence in the Valley and great reputation within the fashion world. It’s exciting for us to get to be a part of that great tradition.”

Q: How can your magazine’s readers and demographic relate to Phoenix Fashion Week and its teen models?

“Our readers come from all over the state of Arizona, from rural, suburban and metro areas. They all have varied interests, of course, but we have yet to encounter a reader who wasn’t interested to some degree in fashion and to an extensive degree in what their peers are saying and thinking and accomplishing. In the same way we write about teen athletes, volunteers and scholars, we love bringing the stories of teen models to our readers. Some teens enjoy reading about their peers who are models because they, too, are interested in possibly breaking into the field. Others read it because while it is not something they personally aspire to do, it is an endeavor they are inspired by.”

Q: We are glad azTeen is on board as a partner with Phoenix Fashion Week this year! What made PHXFW a great fit for your magazine?

“I think I answered this above, but to reiterate: Phoenix Fashion Week and azTeen share a demographic – smart, fashion-forward and involved young people who like to be at the forefront of what’s coming next.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to about fashion week this year?

“I love anything that showcases the Valley’s amazing cultural landscape. And who doesn’t want to be part of something that’s as exciting as Phoenix Fashion Week? It’s fun and different and a great fall tradition in the Valley. It’s something we all look forward to all year.”

Q: What exciting plans, stories, etc. does azTeen have in the works?

“We always make a few changes with the start of the school year. This year we introduced some new features, most of which are opportunities for students to get quoted about their fashion preferences, celebrity crushes, etc. We have a new section called ‘Yay or Nay?’ in which we ask a variety of teens what they think about certain topics in fashion or hot-button issues. We have ‘King or Queen for a Day’ where we interview a high school student about what he or she would do if they ruled for a day. Our new Territory section features mini-profiles of several schools rather than just one, and we’ve brought back reader favorites such as ‘Follow the Freshmen’ with a new crop of college students; our oldest surviving section, Last Word; Shout-Outs, in which we feature reader photos, and the athlete-profile section ‘Ones to Watch’.”

Thank you Michelle!

Look for azTeen throughout fashion week, including in the swag bags and a table at Style Villa! For more information about azTeen, visit: http://www.azteenmagazine.com.

*We love feedback! Comment on this post and you would win a free PHXFW t-shirt!

Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix FashionWeek, Images provided by azTeen


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    • Anne
    • September 27th, 2011

    My daughter and I enjoy looking at AZ teen for what models her age are doing in the modeling world! Beautiful teens! 🙂

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