Smart Snack Brand “Pops” into Phoenix Fashion Week

 If the cheeky title didn’t give it away, popular snack brand, popchips, has come on board as an official sponsor this year for Phoenix Fashion Week. Although it was founded recently in 2007, this brand has grown quickly and is supported by many big name celebrities, Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Seacrest to name a few! Most recently, popchips was featured in O and Shape Magazine, along with just wrapping up New York Fashion Week.

Check out my exclusive interview with popchips Phoenix Field Marketing Marketing Manager, Monica Picard, talking how the brand started, Phoenix Fashion Week and plans for the future.

Q: Please provide our readers a brief background about the history of popchips and how it came about.

“Popchips was founded in 2007 by our founders Keith Belling and Patrick Turpin. Keith realized one day that he was embarrassed to eat a bag of fried potato chips and found himself hiding his fried snack purchase from his friends (or maybe himself!), but he knew those bland baked chips weren’t the answer either.  Keith, a serial entrepreneur, knew he had to find a chip that was both tasty and healthy.  So he talked with his fellow snacker, Patrick, who then introduce him to a snack manufacturer that got it. Forget frying (unhealthy). Forget baked (undelicious).  It’s all about popping. the two snackers snacked, popped and snacked again until they came up with the all natural popchips we have today”.

Q: We are so glad to welcome popchips as one of the official sponsors for Phoenix Fashion Week this year! Why did you feel it was a great fit for the brand?

“I love that Phoenix Fashion Week is about supporting up and coming designers and models. As an up and coming brand in the snack industry, we understand how important it is to create relationships and influence the influencers.  Local influential phoenicians attend Phoenix Fashion Week to stay in the loop about what’s cool and hip.  Popchips is not only a great tasting healthier snack option, but with celebrities like Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian making popchips their snack of choice, it’s definitely what’s cool and hip right now so it’s a perfect fit”.

Q: What are you most looking forward to regarding fashion week?

“I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new and poppin’ in the fashion world.  having fashion week at Talking Stick Resort is going to be a great partnership as well.  The landscape, where the runway and majority of the event will be, really highlights the southwestern feel of the desert, which is perfect for Phoenix. Plus, our team is normally pretty casual at our events so it gives us a chance to spice things up and slip into something a little more tasteful :)”

Q: Why is the popchips brand such a great addition to fashionable events such as Phoenix Fashion Week?

Heidi Klum with popchips

With all the hustle and bustle of a typical fashion week, tummies start to rumble, but people (especially models) refrain from snacking because they of course have a certain look they want to hold. Popchips are all natural, have less fat and calories and leave your fingers grease free which is a perfect snack for any fashionista.  We are also not about gimmicks or extreme in your face marketing.  We are confident, innovative and classy, just like fashion.”.

Q: What are the company’s goals? Any future projects in the works?

We look to continue to build the brand one snacker at a time!  We want to put the fun back into snacking and feel with popchips you can snack with no guilt.  We’re continuously working on ways to make popchips an even better for you snack.  We’ve always made popchips with no gluten ingredients, but in the next month you’ll start to see on our packages that popchips are now officially certified by the gluten-free certification organization.  Another huge initiative of ours was to lower our sodium content, knowing consumers across the nation have growing concerns of sodium levels in processed foods.  We’re pleased to announce that we have succeeded and have lowered the sodium in all of flavors by 20-25% without sacrificing on taste.  In 2012 we’ll be launching some exciting new flavors, so be on the lookout for those too”.

Thanks Monica!

Look for popchips at each night of fashion week, including exclusive popchips mannequins dressed in styles created by popchips bags, as seen in Las Vegas MAGIC! See the picture below!

For more information about the brand, check them out at

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Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

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