Fashion Through the Lens

Photographer Mikel Florman

Fashion and photography have always gone hand in hand. Fashion allows photography to tell stories and capture images beyond reality while photography helps sell fashion as well as imbed a dramatic scene in someone’s mind

“Fashion and photography just need each other,” said Mikel Florman, owner of Mikel Florman Photography and official in-house photographer for Phoenix Fashion Week. “Fashion wouldn’t be that great without photography. You may get to see a runway show or find clothes in stores, but after that you don’t really have anything else. Photography can help capture a runway show, so when it’s over you still have something to look at.”

Fashion photography possesses both commercial and artistic abilities.On the commercial level, fashion photography can also help produce profits. Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle are very popular today. The glamourous and creative ads that fill their pages help sell the magazines and attract readers’ eyes, often causing readers to then purchase the products displayed.

“The way a design is captured makes a world of a difference when trying to sell it. The fashion world benefits from great photographers assisting in the selling of the product,” Stella Crowl, owner and photographer for Style Image Studios, and media team member of Phoenix Fashion Week.

According to, “Fashion imagery, at its best, merges art and psychology, enabling viewers to escape into a world of illusion while depicting the styles and symbols that define the real world we live in.” By showing a bright pigment of a new handbag or capturing the twirl in a models gown and she struts down the runway, fashion photography can take an individual to another mindset and help them escape the stresses of every day life.

Through media like fashion magazines, photography often shoots scenes of a different time period or an exotic location. By

Photographer Stella Crowl in action

working together with stylists, models, and make-up and hair teams, photographers express the full essence of an outfit or accessory while also telling a story. When fashion photographers combine such elements their work becomes art.

“Every artist has their own vision of what a product is and should represent,” said Crowl. “So, a designer may see something a certain way, and a photographer is there to enhance it and describe in film what they see in the product. The designer tells the story and the photographer paints the picture.”


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Article by Erin Kennedy for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource For All Things Fashionable”

    • Bree Hamilton
    • September 26th, 2011

    I loved this article. I think there is a lot of people who don’t understand that without photography, we wouldn’t see all of the fashion advertising that we see today. As photographers, we can show people how we see things through photographs. In a way, photography gives fashion that “edge”. We can even make clothes that people would normally find odd, look really good. And you really do have to have the talent to do fashion photography. You have to have an “eye” for things. Not just anybody can take a picture and have it look like something that came out of a magazine. There is a lot that goes into fashion photography. It’s more than just taking a picture of something pretty.

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