Guest Blog Series: 25 Business Tips from a 25 Year Old Business Owner

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At the impressionable age of 25 years old, one might ask what words of wisdom could a quarter-of-a-century-person have to offer up? Well I can tell you having just turned 25 and going through the highs and lows and milestones of owning a business, there isn’t necessarily wisdom but more learning from mistakes and  experiences.  I feel it is my duty to share the way I practice business with others so they may learn or even take just one piece of advice and apply it to their business.

Prior to owning a business, I kept a lot of my ideas to myself like I had the secret “Golden Ticket”. Why on earth would I offer information to someone who could take my ideas and run with them?  I rarely asked for advice or tips from others as I was afraid it would come across as badgering, or that I was trying to move up in the world and not satisfied with my current role.

Since owning a business and making mistakes along the way, I realized the only way I will learn is to approach it in a collaborative way by seeking advice from others and returning the favor. It’s amazing how many more opportunities and friendships open up when you let your hair down and lend a hand to your network.

25 Business Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth.
2. Don’t work for free unless you’re volunteering.
3. Be true to yourself. No matter how much money someone else makes, if you don’t enjoy the business, or who you are doing business with, then don’t do it.
4. Always under-promise and over-perform. Never the other way around.
5. Learn that your reputation is all you’ve got at the end of the day.
6. Never burn your bridges.
7. Never gossip. Especially in places like a parking lot or public bathroom. You neverknow who may overhear.
8. Treat your clients, colleagues and employees with respect and let them know you appreciate them.
9. Always have a Plan B. If you put all your hopes and dreams into one main client, and they decide to change vendors or run into cash flow problems, now what? And if all
your records are on your computer and you don’t backup your important files, a hard drive crash could destroy your business, or at least temporarily shut you down for
several days.
10. Do not mix business with emotions.
11. Seek the wisdom of others. Learn from your peers and find a mentor, and be one, too. The best way to learn is to teach.
12.  Know your strengths and weaknesses. Do not be afraid to outsource your weaknesses to those more skilled. It will only free up your time to be more successful in the areas where your skills lie.
13. Always put integrity over success.
14. The moment you stop worrying, things will automatically fall into place.
15. Everything is not supposed to happen all at once; that is the reason for time.
16. No matter how stressed, upset, or frustrated you are in meetings, always show composure.
17. Always dress for the job you want.
18. If someone doesn’t have a budget, they cannot afford you.
19. You cannot be good at everything and should never try to be.
21. Outsource and delegate tasks that take up your valuable time or you are not skilled in.
22. Do business with people you enjoy working with.
23. Business should always be a top priority; but above all, family first!
24. Do what you love and the money will come.
25. Always carry business cards with you.

Article by Guest Blogger, Alesha Shebesta of Above and Beyond Communications, LLC.

Alesha Nicole Shebesta, lives in Chandler, Arizona and owns Above & Beyond Communication, LLC. Her firm is experienced in a wide range of services including public relations planning, marketing, crisis communications, social media, community relations, speech writing, and event planning and operation.

For PR/Marketing Needs contact Alesha at or visit her website at

  1. Excellent article and advice, Alesha! I enjoyed your article very much and I learned many things from you! I don’t think age matters when it comes to excelling at what one does best. But I will say that one is either blessed with a mind for business or they are not. I know many talented artists who could be successful if they knew the above business tips you have so generously shared and had the know-how to implement them.

    Thank you for sharing, Alesha!!! Hope to meet you soon!

    • Alesha is a good friend on PHXFW and is super talented! Thanks for the kind words Rosemary! Team PHXFW

  2. Wow thank you very much for the tips Alehsa they are insightful and you brought up a good point about collaborating with one another it can be agreat resource and help you succeed. You are a great example.

    • Aggie, we built PHXFW on the “collaboration” model, so we are proof that it works! Team PHXFW

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