PHXFW Rewinds: Mother-Daughter Love: Style’ Noel

It must be in the genes.

Synthesizing their creative knowledge and artistic abilities, mother-daughter designers, Patricia and Lisa Glotfelter of Phoenix make a unique team of their own with creative fashion line, Style’ Noel.

Inspiration for Style’ Noel originated with the birth of designer, Lisa Glotfelter’s first son, Style’ Noel; “Style’” standing for style, and “Noel” meaning first.

Designer mom, Patricia, finds her inspirational sources within the female role models in her life, including her grandmother, mother and design partner-daughter, Lisa.

The designing duo has experience within the industry to back up their line, too.

Both Patricia and Lisa embody creative energy within their professional interests as fashion designers, and have non-professional interests in beauty, art, reading and, of course, fashion. Their previous experience in fashion is made up of a long list of known fashion coordinators of photography, illustrations, artists, videographers, and retail buyers and sellers.

Style’ Noel stands to embrace the female experience, aiming to inspire women to be confidently comfortable within their own skin, and allowing them to feel beautiful inside and out.

“Style’ Noel is currently a female line for junior, misses, and plus size figures,” Patricia said. “Stylish, exotic, loud, sexy, and very fun is only a small portion of describing Style’ Noel garments! A female, feminine feel-good clothing line.”

Article written by Christina Silvestri for Phoenix Fashion Week.

  1. Very interesting article. thank you.

  1. September 12th, 2010

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