The Inhabitantz Fashion Show: A Fusion of Fashion, Art and Music

The 4th of July may have passed, but there is definitely something to still celebrate this upcoming weekend in the valley. The Inhabitantz Fusion Fashion Show will be celebrating fashion, art and music this Saturday, created by local artist Matt Crux. This event is also meant to create awareness for the Inhabitantz Recreation Art Center that will benefit and support local artists. Crux hopes to bring the community together through creativity at this event by “showcasing a diverse group of artists that inspire people through experiencing rather than observing”. Guests should expect to see live painting, belly dancing and other interactive art, along with speakers and two stages for musical performances. Clearly art is one of the focuses of the evening, featuring local artists such as Matt Crux, Daniel Navarrette and Angela Schmidt, along with many others! For those looking to shop, there are also fabulous accessory vendors and jewelry makers to check out, including local designers Stacey Eden and Jewelry by Reese. Of course, there is already much anticipation for the fashion show at 9pm, featuring a variety of fashions from talented designers Anya Melkozernova, Cheryl Mimm and many more! Felt maker Kristi Felts recently moved back to the valley and hopes to explore how her skills will fit into the Phoenix fashion scene. Make sure to check out her “art to wear fashions” when they come to life on the runway this Saturday.

Models at a previous Inhabitantz show

WHEN: Saturday July 9th, Doors open at 6:00pm

WHERE:  The Sail Inn

26 South Farmer Avenue

Tempe Arizona

TICKETS: $10 at the door, 21+ event


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Article by Lauren Pfingstag for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource for All Things Fashionable”

    • Frank Able
    • July 7th, 2011

    Plot Lines is so good and they are playing this event too. I think they go on at 9 on the inside stage. Seeing them is worth ten dollars on its own.

  1. Incredibly excited for another amazing event!

    Come out and mingle with my COSMIC theme painted models and have your photo taken as well! Can’t wait to meet you 🙂

  2. This show is more than a typical event! It aims to bring people into the experience and involving the spectators into another world of creativity allowing people to see inside themselves and the diversity the World brings! It’s through our individual uniqueness that we discover who we are and how we are connected to the diversity of others. There will be Interactive Art for people to get their hands a little dirty as well to tap into their own creative power! I’m looking forward to seeing all the beautiful faces that show to this Incredible Art & Fashion show! Phoenix is Rising from the Ashes! Peace & Love All!

  3. Sounds Fab!! =)

  4. This looks amazing! Will plan on attending and bring a few of my arty friends as well 🙂

    • Thanks for reading us today and supporting Art & Fashion, Tracey! See you there, Team PHXFW!

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