PHXFW Rewinds: Roberto Mantellassi: Fresh, Unique Quality without the Price Tag

New designers are regularly introduced to the fashion world, but the few unique designers strong enough to stay in the limelight are the ones that stand out from the rest.

Roberto Mantellassi designs is a collection that some would describe as “a breath of fresh air.”

Roberto Mantellassi is a young designer, living in a small town outside of Florence, Cerreto Guidi. Mantellassi started in the leather business when he was 14, and since has developed his own line of unique bracelets, handbags and belts.

Mantellassi exudes creativity in his handmade designs and exclusive style by combining fine leather with Swarovski crystals and metals. His designs fit with the likes of Gucci, Prada and Michael Kors, but are about half the price and yet, equal in quality.

“There is definitely a place in the market for something fresh and unusual,” Linda Fontana, the Vice President of the Roberto Mantellassi collection in North America said.

Mantellassi is a conservative designer whose designs transform the uptown feel and sophistication into a hip, elegant and stylish collection for any age.

“Someone who is a Cartier person, or someone who buys fine jewelry, you often don’t find them putting on a leather bracelet or skin bracelet,” Fontana said. “But they love to combine these pieces with these precious jewels because the combination of the two is so fresh and fun.”

Roberto Mantellassi is featured at the Bellagio and the new Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

Article written by Jacqueline Valle for Phoenix Fashion Week.

  1. i like fine jewelries with intricate designs and studded with precious gems +

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