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Time changes all things, they say, and that’s absolutely true in terms of what’s appropriate to wear to work. It used to be a lot easier to make the right choices. In the fifties, for example, in the “White Collar World”, men wore suits and ties… women wore suits or conservative dresses, conservative jewelry, closed shoes with medium to high heels and hose (sheer). Check out the Mad Men series.

As women’s roles in the workplace changed, and more women moved into executive positions, or began working in areas historically tackled by men, other changes were taking place as well. Things like the economy, and lifestyle resulted, and still do, in reflective changes.  So, dressing as we did then, in most positions, is no longer always practical or desirable.  So, how do you know what to wear?

You’ve heard it said that if you want to appear serious about advancing in your chosen career, you should dress for the job you want,  rather than the one you have. That’s good advice.  Apparel choices can run the gamut from suits and conservative dresses, which are still appropriate in some companies, such as law firms, to edgy, casual looks which you’ll see in some of the creative industry offices, like ad agencies.

Whatever you’re choice of career, some things are critical and don’t change. Fit is essential. VPL (visible panty line is not acceptable).  There are undergarments that will solve most issues you might have with your shape. Use them.  Your clothes should hug your  body adoringly, not be hanging on screaming for dear life.  Tip: Find a great tailor. A few alterations can make a lot of difference and create a superior fit for moderate investment.  A great fit makes a garment look more expensive than it might have been.

Spend your money on quality classic pieces that you’ll wear for a long time. Trendy items that probably have a short expiration date are good impulse buys and can give your classics a fresh updated look. As the trends change, so can your look, but good classics will hold up and look well as you restyle them with new  fun pieces and great accessories.

Last but not least, shoes. Be sure you’re wearing shoes that aren’t looking like you’ve just walked through the desert in them. How many times have you walked into work, or an event, and someone who you don’t know has turned to you and said “great shoes”?  This actually happened to me at the dentist’s office the other day. People notice. Don’t compromise a great look with worn or dirty shoes or boots. If you can’t afford new ones, shoe polish is a cheap and easy solution for spiffing up a sad shoe or boot. Another tip: Find a shoe repair shop. They can do wonders for old shoes and handbags. You might get them dyed if they’re not useable as is. It will give them fresh new look.

If you’re in a career you love and want to advance, doing the work isn’t enough. You need to look the part. Check out the attire choices of the people who currently hold the positions you aspire to.   If you’re not in a career path you want to follow, you need to do some research. Take a look at the executives in companies you admire. Find out what the women in those jobs wear before you go in for an interview.  Looking polished and professional doesn’t mean not looking “au courant”.

Make sure your grooming is impeccable and you’re fashion statement will be admired and remembered.

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Article by Liz Riley for Phoenix Fashion Week

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