PHXFW Rewinds: Styling Tips for Every Body Type

Perhaps the most important thing about styling is remembering to always dress for your body type.

Linear Figure 

Severe angles can lead to an unflattering look. It’s good to have movement, so look for soft, flowing fabrics that will help create rounder shapes. Adding a belt to your waistline works well. Your goal is to draw curves and minimize angles on your figure. Example body type: Nicole Kidman

Lower Figure 

Large prints, bright colors and too much detail on your lower body draw attention to that area. Women with a prominent lower half should avoid these kinds of fabrics. Your goal is to direct the eye up, towards your torso. To help create an even proportion, try bold colors on your upper body and boot cut or wide leg pants on your lower half. Example body type: Kate Winslet

Upper Figure 

With a prominent upper body type, it’s best to direct the eye towards your hips. Try wearing fuller skirts they will work best for balancing proportion. Avoid cap sleeves; the tightness on your arms is unflattering. Example body type: Madonna

Middle Figure

You want to draw attention away from your waistline. Avoid tucked in blouses and any belts around your waist. Tunic blouses and mid-rise jeans work well. Your goal is to direct the eye towards your face and adding jewelry to your neckline is one way. Example body type: Queen Latifah

Hour Glass Figure 

Don’t hide any part of your body, you want to show off your voluptuous upper and lower body figure. Stay away from stiff, bulky fabrics. Your goal is to draw attention to your small waist and show off your curves. Simply add a belt or accessory to tighten the waistline and wear shirts with an open neckline. Example body type: Salma Hayek

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Article written by J’Nee Wittboldt for Phoenix Fashion Week

“The Resource for All Things Fashionable”

    • Angela Schmidt
    • September 20th, 2010

    Ms. Wittboldt is one of my favorite stylists – SO glad to have gotten the chance to work with her on previous photo shoots! Amazing things to come for this young woman in her field. Excited to see what the future holds!

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