Best Kept Secret: Shopping Destinations

If you’re tired of hunting through the same stores and racks of clothes each week, a new city may be just the thing to get you out of your shopping funk. Whether you’re looking to save big bucks or rub elbows with celebs while you shop (or both!), here is a sampling of a few fabulous shopping destinations in the U.S. that are sure to please.

Atlanta, Georgia

Virginia Highland

Atlanta combines the elegance of modern design with the charm of vintage flair. A multitude of upscale shopping districts makes this city the shopping Mecca of theSoutheast. One of these districts is called Little Five Points. It lies just east of downtown and is an antiques shopper’s play land. Eye-catching store fronts show off quirky and unusual merchandise as well as uniquely stylish clothing and accessories. Another shopping district is Virginia Highland. The neighborhood’s charm comes from its extensive variety of stores; with fashionable boutiques and salons next to kitschy antique shops, visitors can find nearly anything imaginable. A day spent in Virginia Highland’s plentiful contemporary boutiques and acclaimed bakery is sure to make the trip worthwhile.

Dallas, Texas

If everything is bigger in Texas, that holds true for the shopping malls. The Galleria is Dallas’s most extravagant shopping mall, boasting 1.9 million square feet of shopping pleasure. This includes over 200 top retailers, more than 30 dining options including full service restaurants, an indoor ice rink as well as the Westin Galleria hotel. The Galleria is home to a long list of first-class stores, including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Versace and Cartier. The idea for this shopping giant came from the fashion capital of Milan, Italy. It was inspired by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan’s famously glamorous marketplace. In addition to fantastic shopping, it is also a great place to see celebrities. Stars such as Robert Pattinson and Mary J. Blige have recently been spotted shopping there.

Chicago, Illinois

Magnificant Mile

One of Chicago’s most popular and eclectic shopping areas is Michigan Avenue. With an enormous variety of shops and cafes, eye-popping architecture an scenic views of the Chicago River, it’s not a wonder this stretch of shopping paradise is called Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Shoppers from all over the world are attracted to this district for its convenient layout and array of merchandise. In this area, shoppers can find hundreds of stores along the street and inside the several multistory malls. Each mall has its own chic personality and includes stores like Betsey Johnson and Bloomingdale’s. There are also dozens of cafés and restaurants to keep you energized while you wander the myriad of stores. Don’t forget to check out the Loop, as downtown Chicago is sometimes referred to, for more shopping and culinary choices. Whether you prefer contemporary, vintage or something in between, there are literally millions of stores across the country to please your fashion palate. It may just take a road trip to find the fantasy shopping experience you’re craving.

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