Dressing for a Royal Wedding?

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding invitations have gone out and some Americans are invited. While this probably won’t be a problem for most of us, what if, by some chance, you were invited to attend the royal wedding?  Once you’ve opened the invitation and jumped up and down screaming in excitement, you’re suddenly immobilized by fear. OMG!!! What am I going to wear?
We all know that a royal wedding is quite unlike any of our friends’ weddings. There are rules and protocols involved. So, for those of you flying off to the great event, here are a few tips.
You’re going to need to appear fashionable, but remember to be mindful of honoring tradition and reverence.  Because the wedding will be taking place at Westminster Abbey, your arms must be covered. So, a dress with sleeves or a jacket over a dress is advisable.  Oh, and don’t forget the gloves. Gloves are essential for a royal wedding.  Try a pair in fine, soft leather with elegant stitching.
Of course, you’re going to want to wear a hat. Going bareheaded is not an option. You know the small hats that Kate Middleton often wears…the ones that can resemble upside down Easter baskets? They’re called Fascinators.  They can be trimmed with feathers or tulle flowers. They’re worn with the help of either combs or clips and are meant to have a jaunty, hovering look. You can also find some larger ones attached to headbands. They’re light weight and comfortable. Or you may prefer a more substantial hat with a broad brim.

IMPORTANT! DO NOT WEAR LACE.  Lace is only appropriate for the bride.


Now that you’re on the road to royal wedding fashion perfection, let us suppose you’re taking your significant other.   The invitation indicates that men must choose from three kinds of dress: a military uniform, a morning coat or a lounge suit. HUH?

You’re undoubtedly clear on the military uniform. A morning coat is a coat with a front cutaway so that the back is longer than the front. Americans usually call this look “tails”.  A lounge suit is what is known to the Brits and a coat and tie.  According to Andrew Goldberg, General Manager of Gieves and Hawkes on Saville Row, in London, “you will probably see colors like blues, a dove gray or a buff color”. Also, ties and shirts should be conservative. Ideally shirts with French cuffs, worn with understated, elegant cufflinks are best.

The outfit should be topped off with a hat. And, gentlemen attending a royal wedding would also carry an umbrella. April showers, etc. 

Now that you’re sure to be perfectly tuned out for the occasion, have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures. After all, how often do you get invited to a royal wedding?

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Article by Liz Riley, Editor


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