Stylist Jai Anderson…Hearing the Look

Phoenix Fashion Week’s Jai Anderson was born a fashion devotee.  She began her career in retail during college, while earning a degree in communications. As she became more adept, she moved into modeling, dressing, runway production, merchandising , buying , wardrobe styling  and brand representation. Working markets such as Denver, Phoenix, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles. Jai became stylist to such celebrities as Jerry Weintraub, Mark Wahlberg, Mark McGwire, and Mary Hart, among others, and contributed editorial styling for People Magazine, GenLux Magazine, and Collective Online Magazine. 

Upon moving to Phoenix, Jai took on a major role with Phoenix Fashion Week as Designers & Buyers Team Leader.

Congratulations on being selected to style a segment of Fashion Rocks the MIM. What country’s musical influence are you addressing?

 A. I’m doing the countries of USA and Canada, so I’m focusing on Rock, Motown, and Country.

What character about the music speaks to you?

A. The rhythms of those different genres and their evolution into contemporary sounds.

Q. How are you relating the styling to the music?

I’m doing Fender through the Ages, incorporating styling from decades starting with the 50’s and moving through the subsequent decades to today.  The Fender Music Instrument Co. started in 1946, and is actually based in Scottsdale. The electric guitar and bass were founded by Leo Fender, and a group of signature artists had incredible careers using Fender instruments. I plan to style the show based on the looks reflecting Fender signature artists of those years…Styles for both men and women, representing looks that may have been worn by artists like Eric Clapton, whose guitar is featured in an exhibit at the MIM, along with other famous musicians.

Q. As an industry professional who loves fashion, who inspires you? What is it about their asthetic or philosophy that speaks to you?

A. I’ve always been a huge Michael Kors fan. He understands fit and the needs of simple, sophisticated styling. But I love Betsey Johnson, too.  She’s an out-of the box thinker and takes risks. Feminine, whimsical.  I love color. Emilio Pucci has branded his label with geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colors. I first fell in love with his work when I began doing designer trunk shows and styling department store designer runway shows.

Styled by Jai

Q. How would you describe your signature look?

A. My look is a mix of simplicity and classic confident, feminine style.  My style icons were Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis. 

Q. Trends change quicker than greased lightning.  What do you suggest having in your wardrobe to prevent looking dated?

A. I think mixing vintage pieces with contemporary pieces is optimum. Fashion trends come full circle. Timeless pieces such as the LBD, can always be updated with vintage or contemporary accessories and timeless colors, grays, black white, and neutrals are great and can be worn alone or mixed with bright colors. It’s about making your look your own.

Q. What’s your favorite trend?

A. I love the tailored wide leg pant. It’s a timeless trend, and transitions into a contemporary look. For men, I like the relaxed, tailored styling and the many patterns available for suits, jackets and woven shirts.

Q. What trend would you like to see disappear?

A. The mutilated, destroyed jeans for women and the ultra-skinny jeans for men. They’ve gotta go!

Q. You moved to Arizona recently. What motivated you to join Phoenix Fashion Week?

A. The vision of building a fashion industry that encompasses all aspects of fashion from design, retail, manufacturers, media, etc. Supporting all industry professionals and growing that market.

Q. Where do you see the industry going in the next ten years?

A. I think mass customization is going to be big, and the build-in functionality to accommodate our technology.  Apparel to accommodate our changing lifestyle…the futuristic fusion of fashion and technology.

Concept & Style by Jai

Jai Anderson Fashion provides services addressing styling, consulting and brand representation. For more information on Jai Anderson, check her website,, or call her at 307-630-9797.

As always, you know we love feedback.  Ask a question of Jai or make a comment about this article and you might win a Phoenix Fashion Week T-shirt!

Article by Liz Riley, Editor

 The Resource “For All Things Fashionable”


  1. Great information! Always learning from the pros!

    • Carol
    • March 21st, 2011

    Wow! What talent! I’m excited to see more from Jai!

    • Megan
    • March 21st, 2011

    Jai is a creative, passionate fashionista! This article showcases her talent and Jai’s Fender Tribute through style is classic. Can’t wait to see more from Jai!

  2. Jai exudes class and professionalism. I am one of many who are most excited to see her work on the MIM runway!

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