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Even back in high school, Arizona stylist Jill Laine was obsessed with fashion. During her high school years, Laine recorded the outfits she wore every month to ensure she did not wear the same clothes twice. Fast forward to 2011 and Laine continues to possess that same passion in her everyday life and job as a stylist and founder of Jill Laine Style.


 In 2008, Laine found her big break in the fashion industry when several people approached her to style for photo shoots and magazines. At the time, Laine’s personal style was the primary basis of her hiring. Laine also holds a background in fine art and interior design, and uses her knowledge from the two areas when styling.  

“I see that as being intertwined with fashion, personal style in a larger realm,” Laine said. “Great style is great style throughout one’s life. It’s how you dress yourself and how you live.”

As style coach for her company Jill Laine Style, Laine strives to educate people on how to discover and unleash their best and most unique personal style regardless of age, size or income level. Through Jill Laine Style, Laine teaches Secrets of Style workshops and solves personal style dilemmas one-on-one with clients. 

“It’s about cutting through all the clutter and
confusion and forever banishing the phrase ‘I don’t have anything to wear!’,” Laine said.
Laine decided to create her Secrets of Style workshop after women came to her confused and struggling with their personal sense of style. The workshop lasts four weeks for a total of eight hours and teaches women to shop with a specific purpose, find clothes on any budget range, match clothing to their body type, know clothing articles essential to every wardrobe and understand her “Formula for Dress Success.”
“My advice related to personal style is to search and discover what it is that you love out in the worlds of art, nature, architecture, history and various cultures, and then bring those elements into your style,” Laine said. “Don’t just look to the fashion industry to provide that inspiration. Also I would say be willing to go outside your comfort zone and think outside the box. Take risks. This all starts with being comfortable, confident and secure in yourself, so make that a practice as well.”
After being asked by Brian Hill, Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week, Laine agreed to be a featured stylist for Fashion Rocks MIM, which will occur on March 31. 
“My part in Fashion Rocks MIM will be to offer a unique experience, something that isn’t typical for Arizona fashion. The style will make people think and expand their viewpoint of what is possible,” Laine said. “I am honored to be chosen as one of the stylists for Fashion Rocks MIM! Can’t wait, it’s sure to be a great show.”

Article by Erin Kennedy

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  1. Hello this is Patricia of Style’Noel expressing our gratitude to you for your position in the fashion industry ;one which is of great importance to us as designers.Personally, fashion knowlede for consumers keeps designers on our toes to be expressingly creative with our fashions, always!
    Patricia of Style’ Noel

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